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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : May 2012


World Class Idiot

The other day I noticed a girl (for the sake of keeping identities safe we'll call this girl Penny Lane) had commented on a mutual friend's Facebook picture. Realizing that I hadn't looked at Penny Lane's Facebook recently and wondering how she was doing, I clicked on her picture.

Gasp! We weren't friends. 

I felt incredibly miffed that I had been "unfriended". It's the worst feeling in the world, especially when you think your friendship/relationship is valid enough to make it through a round of filtering even. You know the feeling I'm talking about, I'm sure of it.

I decided I wouldn't let the "unfriending" bother me, so what did I do? Naturally, I sent her a friend request again and a long message asking how her baby was, how she and her husband were doing, etc, etc.

Later that night I opened up my messages to find something along these lines, "Um, sorry but I think you have the wrong Penny. You look really familiar though... maybe I know you?"

At this point in my head I was thinking, Really? You really just pulled a "you don't know me" when we used to hang out and our husband's went to grad school together?! REALLY?

Before I fixed myself into a huffy mess, I decided to check my friend list just to be sure. As I typed in her name, up popped Penny Lane... one with whom I was friends!


Apparently Penny Lane has a real like look-a-like. (Side note: I hate using the word doppelganger because the real definition of the word scares me). Really though, what are the chances of having the same name, same face and practically the same baby too?

Moral of the story? This would happen to me. Oh yeah, and learn from my example. Check yourself before acting the fool.



The Case Of The Missing Binky

*I would just like to note that I understand how to grammatically capitalize  titles, but for the sake of aesthetics on this blog I like to capitalize every letter in my titles. You know how some people like to write in all lower case? I like to capitalize all words in my titles. And now I've officially over-used the word capitalize. It's been bothering me, as I'm a bit of a grammar freak, and I want to clarify to all the other grammar freaks out there that I'm not ignorantly writing my titles in an incorrect manner.

Somewhere deep in the abyss of the crib walls lies a captive little group of Soothies. There they sit day after day, hoping and wondering when their owner will find them. Oh how they wish to be coddled by the slobbery gums of an almost teething 4 month old.

The periwinkle binky laments, "Will I ever see the roof of mouth again? After all, I was the favorite!"

The blue pacifier cries, "I knew this would happen! I was always the last resort binky."

And the green pacifier calmly says, "Good thing I have a twin that I'm always mistaken for! This is my third time being lost and I've been found every time! Have no fear my fellow Soothies."

Little do they know that their owner is so lazy that she would rather go out and purchase new pacifiers than dig around the dusty underparts of the crib.

And so the down-trod pack of Soothies remain, waiting for their day of rescue.

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Why do I even bother to put where my clothes are from? If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that 90% of my clothing is from LOFT. Here are the deets on my accessories... Shoes: Target. Belt: Anthropologie. Hat: Nordstrom BP.

1) I am still trying to recover from all of the BBQ goodness I consumed yesterday. All the combined food throughout the day probably weighed around 7 lbs. No joke. Looks like I need to take part in the marathon running next Memorial Day with the rest of my fit family members. Yeahhh, I'm gonna have to sorta take that back because I just thought about it and that probably will never happen. Who am I kidding? I'm the laziest person in the world in regard to working out.

2) Fact: At their closest points, Russia and the U.S. are only 2.5 miles apart. See it for yourself.

3) Luke had his first successful rice cereal meal on Sunday. Wish you could have been there. It was simply adorable. He grunts and growls and luuu-huuuvs his food. Now if only we could figure out how to keep the food in instead of pushing 99% of it out. You know how much he loves to stick that tongue out!

4) The mirrors at our hotel we stayed at this last week were very flattering. Nothing beats a mirror that makes you look better than usual. This thought lead me to one of those profound, existential conversations with myself while showering. How are we to know what we truly look like if assorted mirrors reflect a slightly altered image? A picture? No. Like mirrors, different cameras give a slightly altered result depending on the camera. Videos? Same thing as the two previous examples. The conclusion is we will never exactly know what our bodies look like in reality. Craaaazy. It's almost as cool as wormholes. Almost.

5) Would you rather possess the ability to teleport or clean your house with a wiggle of your nose?

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Red Hair And Polka Dot Hankering

You guys, Erika has the Current/Elliot polka dot skinnies. You know the ones that were plastered all over Pinterest that we all put on our must-have list? Yep, those suckers. If this isn't enough for you to fall in love with her style, you are out of your mind. And that beautiful hair? It's the shade we all wish we could rock but never will, unless you are a sassy little ginger already. Erika and I share Seattle roots in common (I grew up there) so she is awesome by default in my book.  Besides looking fabulous, girlfran is a talented seamstress. See for yourself...

cardigan: old navy // tee: h&m // belt: gap // pants: anthro // shoes: steve madden

Hi Along Abbey Road readers!

I'm Erika. Redheaded, 20-something lady living in Seattle (and no it doesn't rain that much) with the husband and crazy dog we nicknamed monster. During the day I work in the corporate world in a tall building but by night I'm a bloggy wannabe-fashionista and sewer of fun color-blocked purses and wristlets and eater of lots of chips and salsa.

When Abbey contacted me to do a guest post I was a little nervous, cuz we all know that Abbey has MAJOR style. (Am I right?) So I felt a little pressure to find something good in my closet!

And what I came up with is all me-- a little mix of patterns (my pants are polka dotted) and some leopard because honestly everyone needs a bit of leopard in their life. :)

come on by to rouge & whimsy and say hi!

xo, erika




Skirt & Tee: LOFT. Sunglasses: Boutique (similar). Charm bracelet: Brighton.

co·lor: {noun} the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light.

There is something about a fantastic burst of color that brings a smile to my face and an instant wave of joy. If only I could live in Fantasia and throw buckets of bold paint hues at the world. Or bouncy balls.


Is It Scarves Or Scarfs?

Blouse, Belt, Boyfriend Jeans: LOFT. Scarf: Vintage. Flats: Romwe. Lipstick: c/o NYX Black Label, Brick.

Vintage scarves are my latest obsession. For realsies. It's a borderline addiction. Whenever I'm at a thrift store or scouring the Etsy interwebs for vintage goodies, I can't help but feel a magnetic pull to the scarves! Oh are they amazing.

After playing around with different ways to wear these babies, I discovered the above look which I like to call the belt bow. I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever do this, but I came to this idea on my own, therefore I am feeling particularly innovative in the accessories department.

Sick of your old belt? Belt bow it with a scarf. Outfit looking a little drab even after belting it? Belt bow it with a scarf. Need a pattern to mix up your solid tee? Belt bow it with a scarf.

My two other favorite ways to wear these skinny scarves are as a retro headwrap like I did here and here, or as a necktie like I did here for a fun alternative to a necklace.

I love it so much that I'm starting a linky party so we can all see how you style your vintage scarves! Get to that belt bowing! Your belts will thank you for such a charming companion.

Link back to this parent post and link away, m'dears.

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The sun set, but set not his hope:
Stars rose; his faith was earlier up:
Fixed on the enormous galaxy,
Deeper and older seemed his eye;
And matched his sufferance sublime
The taciturnity of time.
He spoke, and words more soft than rain
Brought the Age of Gold again:
His action won such reverence sweet
As hid all measure of the feat. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Tee, Belt: LOFT. Pleated pants: Some store in Spain. Oxfords: Vintage. Bracelet: INPINK. Necklaces: Sprightly So. Shades: Anthropologie.

1) Anyone seen What To Expect When You're Expecting? Is it any good? I want to see it, but I don't trust anything Rotten Tomatoes has to say. I'm always that person that loves horribly cheeky movies anyway. 

2) Fact: In 1924, a monkey in Indiana was tried, convicted, and fined $25 for smoking a cigarette. Indiana has some caahh-raazy laws.

3) Benny, our black chihuahua, is blind. Max, the blond one, is sort of like his seeing-eye dog. This blind chihuahua that made the news also has a seeing-eye dog named Max! I think they copied our story. It's okay -- our pups are cuter.

4) Would you rather never have any pimples or never have any body hair? (If you are one of those perfect people whom this is a reality for anyway, you are disqualified and I am extremely jealous)

5) My maiden name is Fish. No, I am not joking. Yes, you have my permission to laugh.

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Blank... Or Maybe Not, Thanks To JT

Dress, Blazer, Necklace, Belt: LOFT. Shoes: GUESS.
For the first time in a very long time I don't have anything to say. My mind is blank. I'm trying to decide if it's writer's block or I'm just plain old lazy. I just Googled (is that officially a verb yet?) "writer's block" and learned some interesting things... so that's why Eminem went AWOL in the rap/hip-hop world for so long!

Now I finally have a reason to blame Justin Timberlake's lack of delivering a current album. C'mon, JT! Pull it together! If it means having JB leave you so you have a source of angsty inspiration, I'm okay with that. Alright, that's a lie. I'd be sad. I hate Hollywood breakups and would frown every time I saw tabloid covers smattered with a depressed Jessica Biel walking the streets of Hollywood in loneliness. How could you??? {insert weird, disappointed granny voice}

Bottom line, you just need to give us some of that musical goodness already!

Welp, looks like I found something to write about after all. Thanks, JT, for contributing something to my life (although I wish it was new music if you couldn't already tell).

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The Ultimate Kitchen Curation

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Currently on Pinterest, I am obsessed with kitchen and dining stuff. The problem has been that I want to see all my favorites on one board. After much work and curating, I have created my own board. Hello, ultimate kitchen.

The foam green Smeg fridge has my heart pounding. Why is that all the cool appliance stores are in the UK? Note to self: move there after living in Coronado, but buy that fridge as soon as possible.

That mason jar light fixture from Pottery Barn elicited an audible gasp/squeal from me when I first laid eyes on its beauty. That's the definition of love at first sight right there.

In other news, I realized I have a serious addiction to home decor from Anthropologie, but then again who doesn't have an Anthro addiction in general?

West Elm is my new second favorite. I'll take one of everything please.



99 Times Wearing My Maxi Skirt

Skirt: Old Navy. Shirt, Sandals: LOFT. Belt: H&M. Bracelet: INPINK. Readers: Vintage.

99 times wearing my maxi skirt,
99 times wearing my skirt.
Wash off the spit-up, put it back on.
98 times wearing my maxi skirt.

(Repeat 98 more times for maximum entertainment)



I suppose I should add "live in Coronado someday" to my bucket list. This quaint little island is across the bridge from downtown San Diego and is paradise for the historic and charm loving type. The fact that it even literally looks like paradise since it's a beach town is a huge bonus.

Stores, fountains, local museums, and flowers line the streets and you can feel the patriotism in the air (many generals and navy seals call Coronado their home). It has even been known to inspire a certain someone to spell their name out in photographs. Yes, it's that charming.

The infamous Hotel Del Coronado is always fun to walk around. There are adorable little shops and fabulous restaurants tucked into every corner. All you Marilyn Monroe fans will also be happy to know that Some Like It Hot was filmed there. It's still as remarkable and old Hollywood glamorous as ever.

Coronado, I simply adore you.

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Shirt: Old Navy. Pants: LOFT. Headband: c/o France Luxe. Flats: Romwe. Lashes: Modlash, 33 Black.

1) I once ate a spoonful of dirt for $10... and I was 16 years old. Don't be alarmed by this. I used to drink out of the bird pond in my backyard as a toddler, along with consuming copious handfuls of dirt. Guess I needed the digestive assistance.

2) The Cotton "Fabric Of My Life" commercials are my favorite. Nothing is better than peeping into star studded closets and personal styles. Such a smart campaign. I think I should go into advertising, but that might just be the influence of Mad Men.

3) What gets wet when drying? Answer: lǝʍoʇ ɐ.

4) We perused around Coronado yesterday. As Luke and I were sitting people watching, two Chinese tourists came up requesting to hold Luke for one of their 5 million pictures. I lied and said he was sick, only to realize they didn't speak a lick of English. That didn't stop them though. The one lady just squatted down right next to my chair and took a picture with us. What started out as an extremely invasive situation actually turned in to something quite awesome. Apparently Luke is cut out to be a

5) Fact: The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world. Isn't it ironic?

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Baby Versus Handbag

Dress: Made by my mama. Tights: F21. Shoes: Kenneth Cole. // Dress shirt: Carter's. Bow tie: Sprightly So. Pants: gift.

A baby is the best accessory. I'd take one over a handbag any day. Think about it. They smile, babble, and hug you. A handbag definitely can't hug you back. It may be able to make you smile and receive loads of compliments, but trust me, babies are much better. I don't even care about the drool and occasional crying. And the best part about having a yummy, kissable baby by your side? It's a look that never goes out of style.

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Happy Mother's Day

4th of July, 2010
Luke's blessing weekend, March 3rd, 2012.

Wishing all the mamas in the world a Happy Mother's Day this weekend.

Thank you for your sacrifice, your strength, your time, your selflessness, your beauty, your tears, and your love.

Being a mother is the best (and hardest) job there is, so enjoy your time with your family admiring the beautiful life you created!


Swap Meet Surfing Super Moon

Last weekend was packed with all sorts of activities that begin with the letter "s". That might be a fun way to start planning our outings. Pick a letter out of a hat and do all the activities that the letter starts with! I think I'm onto something here.

The day started with the Orange County swap meet with my good friend Becca. She is pregnant with her first and having a little girl! Yes, arranged marriage plans are currently in process. She is going to be such a great mama, obviously. Just look at her mothering skills in practice on Luke. We've got a pro on our hands.

After a stop to Yogurtland, the king pin of yogurt shops, we headed to the beach for a little evening surfing. I'm pretty sure I saw John Slattery AKA Roger Sterling, and all the while I was thinking, "Where is Don?" Okay, so maybe it wasn't really him, but you can imagine the excitement I felt when I first caught a glimpse of the guy. The resemblance is rather striking.

Does anyone else get a heart pounding, ominous feeling when witnessing astrological events? It's like this other-worldly sensation in my stomach, like the apocalypse is coming or something. You should see me during an eclipse. Especially a lunar eclipse... yikes. There is something about the moon being blood red that is unsettling. The Super Moon solicited a less dramatic reaction from me, but I still got those weird jitters in my stomach.

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