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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : March 2013


Dyeing Easter Eggs

Yesterday we dipped, dyed, plunked, and cracked our eggs. Luke's ended up the most cracked, but there is no surprise there. We let him pick his eggs, throw them in the cup and all. I think he loved it juuust a little. I mean, the chance to put hands in things otherwise denoted as "yucky" and "no-no" off limits? That is the jackpot for the busiest of one-year olds. 

I also put down white printing paper as our discard paper so I could save and frame the one Luke specifically worked on. It's a beautiful, sentimental piece of art of our first egg dying experience together.

I am so grateful for this holiday which provides hope and a deeper love for the Savior and celebrates His resurrection. Wishing a happy and fun Easter to everyone!

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Hello There!

 Top: Sprightly So (I wear a size small). Dress: Vintage. Hat: Madewell. Shoes: Steve Madden. Belt: LOFT.

Hello! How is it going? Time slipped away as Luke and I sniffled and vomited our way through the week, but rest assured we are much better now. I almost forgot how to log on to this darned contraption. And can I tell you how much I loved not blogging? Don't get me wrong, blogging is the greatest, but sometimes life just calls for a little time out. And time outs are good. Good for the brain, the soul, and all things in general. 

In the meantime we've been staycationing, which means doing nothing in particular and catching up on some missed beach time. Who knew doing nothing could be so much fun? And since I am the human equivalent of a sloth (it's true, I am possibly one of the slowest, sauntering-est people on the planet and Matt is always asking me if I can walk any faster) that type of behavior is welcomed in my book.

Now we are off to dye Easter eggs! I am thinking ombre eggs this year...



Universal Studios

 photo 9B605B50-E441-4E18-863A-C3C75152AAE4-670-00000050F3F0EDF4_zpsc9ed13f1.jpg  photo 2BD97C39-0737-4349-BA0C-1D46EDF38BD1-670-00000050E5E568F8_zpsd8b345fe.jpg  photo B9E0D1FF-F960-4B93-B25F-22994B099753-670-00000050AAD48265_zpse97a7e68.jpg  photo 260BEE75-96BC-45C3-833A-18953B4DEF3E-670-000000509E5C938C_zpsd814c667.jpg
 photo A9C51A71-526D-4977-BB10-00E0B83FD55F-670-00000050BA5A67F9_zps0c8369a0.jpg  photo 0CAD1D75-12C0-42FD-95F3-BFA82BF1CB1F-670-00000050D6172CC5_zps9409d20b.jpg

This last Saturday, Luke and I ventured our way up to Universal Studios to watch my niece perform in her dance recital. The cutest, right? That place is quite impressive. I especially loved the jelly bean statue of Marilyn Monroe in the candy store on the Citywalk. That thing consists of 254,093 jellies (which I am sure a quarter of that monstrous number makes up her monstrous bosoms).

I love Hollywood. There is something buzzy and exciting about that place. I wouldn't mind living in those hills, but let it be known my acting skills are horrific. Like, I make Audrina Patridge look like a decent actress (maybe not, though... she was pretty bad in that sorority murder mystery).

Having a girl's weekend was just what the doctor ordered, however I have now come down with some nasty flu bug thing, and I will be crawling back into bed in precisely 3 minutes.

Thanks for visiting, girls! Loved adventuring with you!

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Spring Beauty Essentials

Moisturizer | Foundation | Blush | Shadow (used as liner) | Lipgloss

 Happy Spring to you!

Can you believe it's already here? I know it may not feel like it quite yet in your neck of the woods if you are still stuck in rain and snow, but some punchy colors and a fresh, light beauty routine is just the trick.

Spring means easy and pretty makeup for me. I recently got eyelash extensions from my beautiful twin duo friends, Ali and Amie, who own the eyelash studio, Ciao Bella. They are located right here in Encinitas, so if you are in the San Diego area and have been pining for lash extensions, go see them! They are the best! Lash extensions make getting ready about 20 million times more efficient (and as a mom, that is a must). 

My 5 minute makeup routine looks a little something like this...

1) Apply moisturizer (Neutrogena Healthy Skin) and light foundation (I use Cover FX).
2) Lightly line the corners of the lower water line with brown shadow (I use MAC Brun).
3) Apply a pretty shade of pink blush (I use MAC Well Dressed).
4) Top off with a sassy lip gloss or lipstick (my favorites are NARS Funny Face and Sephora Shimmery Orange Juice).

And I'm done!

What does your spring beauty routine look like?



A Random Thing Or Two-sday

 Shirt: DIY. Cardigan: LOFT. Denim: LOFT. Hat: Target. Sandals: c/o JellyPop.

1) Last week Luke and I ventured out for our weekly outing to the library. As you pull in there is a little area to the left where other cars can come out because it is a one way, loop-around deal in the parking lot, however the incoming traffic (me) has the right of way. Really, there should be a stop sign at this spot.

So, I turned in and this crazy old bat was furiously driving, like she wasn't going to get a parking spot or something nonsensical because there were plenty of slots open. We did the little, "are you going, or am I going?" for a millisecond because I realized I had the right of way (as mentioned before) and I feel very strongly about taking my privileges with right of ways (don't even get me started on waiting for people to back out...). Out of nowhere she started honking like a mad woman and I am positively sure she was screeching expletives at me. Yikes, right? It's only the beginning.

As I walked in carrying Luke on my hip, the thought drifted into my mind, "Aww, crap. I am probably going to run into this lady here in the libra--" Mid-thought I see this silver-haired, raging woman out of the corner of my eye and she starts making a scene.

"You are so incredibly rude! And you have a child? You should be ashamed of yourself driving that way and cutting people off!"

I didn't dignify her with a single word. I couldn't! I didn't want to put Luke through that awkwardness because he would have started bawling, and if I opened my mouth there would have been a scene. For once in my life, I chose to do the mature thing (but I was thinking, "Okay lady, first of all, you cut me off, and second, don't tell me how to drive with my child. Clearly you are the one that needs to learn the rules of the road and we were going like 10 miles an hour, so I would hardly consider condemning me and my child's hypothetical safety).

Luke and I strolled in like nothing happened and returned our books as peacefully as possible. Then I heard that terrifying screech coming from behind again!

"You need to learn some manners, young lady! I absolutely cannot believe you. I am thoroughly disgusted!"

I didn't turn around at this point, and just looked up and smiled at the library patron in front of me, whose face was a mixture of horror and forced happiness.

I probably sound like a total jerk after sharing this story, but the moral of it is, I had the right of way and this lady harassed me because I took advantage of my rights! Was I in the wrong here? If anything, this lady sounds like she needs a cookie (or a drink?) and I should have bought her a muffin at the library coffee stand looking back on it in retrospect.

2) Fact: Apparently bad driving is hereditary (source).

3) In case you missed it and since I am still bursting at the seams as a proud parent, Luke took his first steps!

4) This is funny (even though I already posted it on my Facebook a week ago, it deserves a second viewing).

5) Would you rather cry tears of puff paint or honey?

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This Just In!

Just moments ago, Luke randomly decided he was going to take more than those hogwash, feeble half-steps and simply started walking out of nowhere! Such a proud parent moment for Matt and I! 

I shouted in a frenzy to Matt, "Hurry! Record! Record!" and the rest was absolutely hilarious. He was so proud of himself, hence the clapping every four steps and squealing (can you tell that we are obnoxious and loud? It happens).

Best part? I am pretty sure Luke is screaming, "I did it!" in baby babble at the end. If this video isn't a daily affirmation at its best, I am not sure what is!

Hoooraahh for walking!

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Pretty Things

When I hate the world, I can always count on Pinterest.

Pinterest is that best friend that uplifts you and doesn't talk back. It just presents you with untold gobs and heaps of pretty things, stuff that make you want to eat your feelings, and reassures you that life doesn't completely suck (although if it does, there are plenty of funny things out there to remind you you aren't alone).

You can follow along with what inspires me and gets my brain ticking on my Pinterest here (and then we can bake and eat our feelings together).

P.S. With the hullabaloo and uproar of Google Reader going away on July 1, you can import all of your blog subscriptions to Bloglovin or Feedly. Also, you can always follow along with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram where I share all my blog posts and snippets of everyday life. Make sure you update your stuff because I sure will miss ya if you leave! :)



What Is True?

Yesterday's question in my five year Q&A journal stood tall and called out to my heart...

What is true?

Seems like a simple question, but all the answers you think you have for it can tangle up quickly. Somehow they seem too contrived, too cliché or just not true at all. 

I sat on that simple three-worded question for a solid five minutes. Then I found my answer. After all, it was squatting on two dimpled legs right in front of me, toothy grin and all.


Love is the purest, truest thing I know. After being alive for a short, but incredibly full 25 years, I realize I don't know much, but I know quite a bit about love. I know it by the friendly voice at the other end of the line greeting me when I ring up my parents for a chat. I know it by my crazy family and friends sticking around even when I've been a total pain up the wahoo and walking away would have been the easy way out. I know it by the hugs Matt and I share at the end of a long work day and the fulfilled look in his eyes as he watches Luke and I goofing around and sharing our silly jokes. I know it by the surge of overwhelming joy I felt as I heard Luke's first cry upon entering our world and by the smiles, tears, belly laughs and moments we've spent simply in each other's embrace since.

Yes, love is true.

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Lucky Green Smoothie

What is more mod than juicing, blending and eating insanely healthy?

Answer: Juicing and blending a bunch of green crap (including the trendiest power food, kale) to make a St. Patrick's Day smoothie! I almost want to call it the St. Francis smoothie though, because I whipped up this bad boy as the new Pope made his first speech and blessing. 

Either way, this green drink is delish and can be enjoyed anytime of year, although this would make an especially yummy treat for St. Patty's Day morning. Oh, and bonus! This smooth is vegan and gluten-free. Come one, come all! Lucky green smoothies for all!


1 mango, peeled and pitted
1/2 lime, peeled
1/2 banana
3 cups kale
2 cups spinach
8 oz unsweetened coconut milk


Start with pouring coconut milk into the blender. Next, add the mango and banana and blend. After fruit is thoroughly blended, add kale and spinach and blend until smooth. Makes one 32 oz serving. Enjoy!

*Recipe adapted from here

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Yours, Mine And Ours

1. Our hairbrushes -- clearly we all have very different hair needs. 
2. Current favorite toys. 
3. Moisturizing is important to us, and I highly recommend anything Burt's Bees for your wee one. 
4. What we've been snacking on lately... Matt is incredibly healthy, huh? ;) And these are the best gluten-free crackers if you ask me.

What do your little life details presently look like?

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

 Sweater: LOFT. Denim: LOFT. Sunglasses: Target. Shoes: Romwe. Scarf: Vintage.

1)  I am very disappointed with the outcome of The Bachelor. Very disappointed. Lindsay, I was rooting for you!

2) Fact: The leafiest clover ever to be found had 14 leaves on it, according to the Guinness Book of World Records (source). That's a whole lotta' luck!

3) This song is currently on repeat on my playlist.

4) Matt and I watched The Dark Ages (hip hip hooray to all things history) a couple nights ago on Netflix, and the entire time I kept thinking, "the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss."

5) Would rather have an irreversible health condition where you had green polka dotted skin or emerald green hair (remember, the hair is irreversible and cannot be dyed or bleached)?

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Happy Wife, Happy Life

(and an awkward photo for good measure)

I spent the better half of this morning being my best bratty self to Matt. I kinda sorta had a good reason (not really). You see, in my dream last night he wouldn't talk to me (which is a major issue because I love to yap the man's ear off) and basically left me for who knows how long, because dream time is a thing of mystery. The animosity I felt toward him carried over into real life, because I'm a hormonal woman and I'm capable of such craziness from time to time (please reassure me I am not alone in this ridiculousness). Halfway through the day, I decided to stop acting like a 14-year old and use the mature capabilities my brain has worked so hard to develop by apologizing and laughing it off. After all, the man made us chicken shawarmas yesterday! You'd think I'd find it in my heart to suffocate him with praise and adoration, instead of holding grudges for things that my crazy lady brain conjures up in the wee hours of the morning. 

Overall, I would just like to state for the record that I hit the jackpot with Matt. Even though it's occasionally necessary to drive each other nuts, the guy is golden. Pure gold. I mean, would you get a load of that food he made specially for us (by the way, it is completely gluten-free! These spinach tortillas from Whole Foods make a great replacement for pitas)! He knows how to bake, too. Quite the Renaissance man, really.

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food is the nomiest of noms. I would like to take a lengthy hiatus on this island and indulge in a gyro (or five). I envision myself becoming one with the Greek, so when I get back to the USA I can go around demanding of strangers and anyone that will listen, "geeve me any word, and I show you how the root is Greek."

Then there is Luke, proud owner of seven toofs and counting. That guy is a little ham, but what do you expect from a baby who's had the camera in his face from day one? I wonder what all these kids will be like as adults (you know, the ones with moms that blog every moment of their life)? Are we setting them up with some sort of celebrity complex? I'm afraid he will feel inadequate and unloved as an adult if someone isn't constantly snapping a picture or video of him ;)

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