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Blogger's Block

Without my photographer around (aka my husband) I am having major blogger's block as to what I should blog about. It is really hard to keep a fashion blog without my own looks and I get sick of posting pictures from things found on the web.

Why not take my own pictures? Well, I would but we are moving in 3 days and our place is a sea of boxes and mayhem.

Here is my proposed remedy to blogger's block:

Take a bubble bath
(Always follow in Audrey's footsteps)

Treat yourself to some take out
(Indian cuisine is my personal fave)

Flip through the pages of your favorite mag for inspiration 

Watch your favorite rom-com
(Seeing her Louboutins always makes me happy)

It's nice to relax and take a break every once and awhile. Here's to lounging around and doing nothing (air cheers)!

P.S. Just 9 more days to enter my Anthropologie giveaway! Come on over and enter here!

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Cannes Film Festival 2011

Can anything be better than beautiful couture fashion on the Southern coast of France? I think not. 

Here is my fave line up of looks from the Cannes Film Festival this year.

1) The perpetually beautiful Rachel McAdams in a stunning lace Marchesa gown.
Image from peoplestylewatch.com

2) Rosario Dawson in Alberta Ferretti gown. This dress is perfect for an effortless, glam look in Cannes! This would be the type of gown I would wear if I were to ever become famous :)
Image from peoplestylewatch.com

3) I have a weakness for all things yellow, and this Zac Posen gown that Jessica Chastain wore is more than perfect! 
Image from peoplestylewatch.com

4) I'm not one to usually love the grunge look of Kirsten Dunst, but this is one amazing Chanel Haute Couture gown!
Image from peoplestylewatch.com

5) Ryan Gosling in Ferragamo...wowza. Good gracious, he is divine! If I were a man, this is exactly how I would dress. Why can't he and the aforementioned Rachel McAdams get back together? I bet they still secretly pine for each other just like in The Notebook. Why wouldn't they!?
Images from peoplestylewatch.com

And for a bit of the celebrity gossip in me... Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio!?! Is this for reals!?! As an avid Gossip Girl enthusiast, my heart kind of broke when she and Penn Badgley split a few months back, but this is way better than anything I was thinking! I truly hope they become the next big Hollywood couple! She could live out the Leo D fantasy for all of us twenty-somethings that majorly obsessed over him in the Titanic years.
Image from peoplestylewatch.com

There you have it, my musings on Hollywood glamour and fashion. Thank goodness for pretty dresses to brighten up your day!

 P.S. Don't forget to enter my Anthropologie $30 gift card giveaway if you haven't already done so!

Have a great Monday night, loves!

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"It" List #2!

TGIF! It sure has been a long week!

It's week #2 of being featured on the "it' list! I can' think of a better way to relax than to peruse through these fabulous blogs and find your new favorites! 


Happy Friday everyone! I am ready for another weekend... 
take some time to check out these amazing links!
  • a spot of whimsy features Jess LC's new handbag line... you will fall in love with these bags!  Be sure to check them out! (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • good clean fun never disappoints with tasty and simple recipes.  These Oreo cheesecake bars look SO good! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • fancy red boots is wearing a simple but adorable outfit that I now deem to be my "uniform" this summer!  (find fancy red boots on twitter!)
  • alisha of alisha and brandon is looking fabulous in this striped maxi dress (stripes seem to be the theme today!)... a maxi dress is such a great summer staple. (find alisha on twitter!)
  • along abbey road has a great makeup video tutorial featuring her favorite MAC products - be sure to check out her tips and favorites!
  • rose a la mode is looking particularly happy in this great outfit... check out the great deal she got on this top! (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • the capital barbie is loving lime lately - what a fun color for summer! This scarf is a certain favorite. (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • the stylish housewife is sporting a perfectly layered look!  What a great look for spring and it's inconsistent temps. (find the stylish housewife on twitter!)
  • baby shopaholic goes out on the town with some girlfriends - check out the fun beetle ring she is wearing.  How fun! (find baby shopaholic on twitter!)
  • infashuation brings some in-your-face color to you with this amazing outfit. I am loving the bold accessories and bright yellow! (find infashuation on twitter!)
  • lady M's maxi skirt looks so comfortable and stylish. If you need a simple look for summer - take notes! (find lady M on twitter!)
  • good tots pulls together sweet and simple summer maternity outfits for all those summer pregnancies!
  • thought and musing looks dashing with a simple bow in her hair. Plus, check out her adorable blazer!
  • good life for less is loving the color navy lately... inspired by the lovely Kate Middleton, of course! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by jill of good life for less - for information on how you can be involved, click here!

P.S. Be sure to enter my Anthropologie giveaway! Have a glorious weekend everyone! 


Belt Your Bottom Dollar!

InStyle is one of my absolute favorite magazines. The looks and styles put together by the InStyle teams are never anything less than spectacular.

As I was meandering my way through the fashion page, lo and behold I stumbled upon this highlight.


I squealed with joy as my excitement centered around the belt! A-dorable, isn't it!? Never before have I actually owned anything featured in a magazine, before I have seen it in the magazine. This may not sound like an exhilarating concept, but it gives me a sense of fashionista satisfaction in knowing I have the same style sense as a fashion magazine editor.

Purchasing the mustard yellow Linea Pelle belt was a fabulous find indeed! And the best thing is I got it from Anthropologie for only $29 in comparison to the original $52!

I will be jazzing my belt up with my own flair of style by adding a flower pin. It's a great way to add some pizazz! Try adding a flower to your scarves too!

You can have the chance to get this belt for free by entering my $30 Anthropologie gift card giveaway! Hurry on over here and enter, will ya? 

Thanks for reading and following, loves! I sure do appreciate all of you for making my blogging experiences truly enjoyable every single day! Big xoxo's to you all!

Happy Thursday! 



Get Your MAC On

Recording yourself is very interesting. It's always so funny to hear yourself talk and view your mannerisms! I didn't realize my voice is as high pitched as it is. In my head I am always afraid I have a manly voice, but that is definitely not the case.

Anyway, this is my first tutorial! So exciting, right? I wanted to show you how to create a great, Hollywood-worthy eye! It's a daily go-to look with a touch of glam for all you fashionistas!

If you desire to get any of the products I used, here is the list of the MAC shadows in the order I used them, along with the links:

1) Overall shimmer base: Idol Eyes
2) Brow bone shadow: Remotely Grey was discontinued (tear) but I believe Copperplate is similar with the grey/brown undertone
3) Pop of color along crease: Fig 1
4) Highlight along brow line: Phloof!
5) Eyeliner: Shadowy Lady

As for the brushes, I purchased all of them at Target at about $3-4 per brush. MAC brushes are superb, however they are really pricey.

Isn't being a girl so much fun? Life without makeup and sparkly things would be lame! Also, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and find it useful! Let me know if you have any other beauty questions, I would love to be of assistance!

P.S. Don't forget to join my $30 Anthropologie gift card giveaway so you can purchase some fabulous new duds to go with those glammed up eyes!

Happy Tuesday, little lovers! 

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New Beginnings

My burning hunk of love, aka my husband, left for his new job yesterday. He will be gone for 2 weeks! AAACK! That's a long time for someone who is used to being with her hubs everyday!

The good news is that we will be moving to the LA area in 2 weeks! I will be living in the fashion empire of the US (with the exception of NYC)! Yayyy! Can I just say congratulations to my hubby for getting a cash money job?! I am so proud of him! He sure does take good care of me :) 

The bad news is I don't have anyone to take my outfit pictures for me for the next couple of weeks! This means I am going to have to get really creative. I apologize in advance for awkward or blurry pics, but this girl is doing the best she can!

(I purposely made this a blurry one to go with my urban artsy oufit)
(This is my lonely & forlorn face since Matt is gone)

BEANIE: Charlotte Russe. TUNIC: Anthropologie. TANK: Loft. NECKLACE: Loft. LEGGINGS: Loft. BOOTS: MIA (Nordstrom Rack).

Today I am all about the urban-chic look. This is a great outfit for a relaxed, yet ultra stylish vibe. I feel like I'm practically wearing jammies! Keep in mind that monochromatic shades are best when wearing a tunic since it creates a more slim line, as tunics can create an undesired shapeless look at times. Add a pop of color in your layering or jewelry pieces and you have the perfect balance!

Guess how much I got the tunic for from Anthro??? Originally priced at $98, I got it for $19! 

That $30 Anthropologie gift card I am doing as my giveaway will surely be able to get you two great pieces if you are a frugalista, or can go toward that killer piece you've been waiting to splurge on! Be sure to enter here so you can get your urban-chic on!

Have a mah-velous Monday, my loves! 

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My Name Is Abbey, And I'm A Shopaholic

Next to Loft, J.Crew could very well be the death of me. I can just picture the headlines...

"Girl Suddenly Dies From Shopping Induced Coma."

As I was perusing through the J.Crew online shopping website, I came across these bad boys.

Sperry Topsider Boots, J.Crew

Sperry Topsider boots? Let me repeat myself. SPERRY TOPSIDER BOOTS!?! I think I've died an' gon' ta heaven!

I can just imagine all of the amazing outfits I could create completey around these boots. 

Right now I am thinking skinny jeans, and a relaxed, striped tee would look perfect.

Skinnies, J.Crew

Tee, J.Crew

Ooo, and how cute would a little floral dress be with the boots!?

Delphinium dress, J.Crew

Oh me, oh my! Everything is just too cute!

I'll share with you my Anthropologie finds on Monday! This girl means business! And speaking of being a shopaholic and loving Anthropologie, you can get your shopping on by entering my giveaway for a $30 Anthro gift card! You know you want it!

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Sassy Face

Today I am feeling a bit sassy, but not necessarily in the cute way. Let's just say I hardly got any sleep and I had to be up early. Yuck. Do any of you ever feel that way?

However sassified I may be feeling, I quite love my outfit today. It's my first time wearing the hippie headband, and as you've read before, you know my love with headbands!

BLAZER: Loft, $14. TANK: Loft, $29.50. ACCESSORIES: Loft, $20. CROPS: Loft, $9. OXFORDS: Nordstrom Rack, $39.

I am determined to have a happy day, regardless of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

After all, I am a firm believer that attitude determines altitude, mis amigos.

P.S. Please be sure to stop by here to enter my Anthropologie giveaway!

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Do The Flop!

Two words:

floppy. hat.

One adjective:


I am love, love, loving it! As you can see in the pictures, I have a little bit of a sunburn going on so my new floppy hat serves double duty, both as a sun shield and a great fashion accessory!

NO, I AM NOT PREGO! Honestly, I don't even know why I wear this dress because it creates a pseudo-baby bump, but it is just so comfy. And I love the ruffle detail. Oh, and the color is great. Did I mention it was only $4!? I totally justified myself out of this one, didn't I?

FLOPPY HAT: Loft, $34.50. SWEATER: Loft, $25.00. DRESS: Loft, $4. SUNNIES: H&M, $5. SANDALS: Loft, $24.50.

You can get the hat right now! I linked the items that are currently at Loft. And better yet, they are having a storewide 30% off Style Event this Saturday at your local Loft! So many cute things! Be there!

As far as the floppy hat goes, it has be worn with the perfect, relaxed summer outfit. Pair it with a sweet little sundress like I did (just try not to look prego!) for a laid back look, or for the ultimate look pair it with a maxi dress... hippie hippie chic!

As always thanks SO SO much for following and reading, little lovers! To express my love & appreciaton, I am doing a $30 Anthropologie gift card giveaway! Anthro's new summer line is incredible! Make sure you enter if you haven't done so already so you can get glam for summer!



All You Need Is Love

Today is my second wedding anniversary!

Can I just tell you that my husband is absolutely amazing? He is everything and more that a man should be.

devilishly handsome
great sense of humor
impeccable style
strong faith
amazing kisser

The list goes on and on, but I don't want to be here until next Monday :)

In celebration of our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of the magical day that started it all.

In the epic words of one of my favorite bands...

 all you need is love 

Go give your sweetie pie a big hug & kiss to show them how much you love them, will ya?!

P.S. To show my love for you, make sure you enter my Anthropologie gift card giveaway!

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Feeling Bohemian

The retro, bohemian style incorporates all the great elements of fashion. 

Various accessories and lots of them--chunky bracelets, detailed earrings, enormous sunnies, dangly necklaces, natural-toned headbands, and fabulous hats--make for the staples of a great boho chic outfit.

Chunky, macrame sweaters and light flowy materials give amazing lines to the clothing.

Strappy sandals show off how great a simple shoe can be with all the right details.

Here is my spin on bohemian today, minus the billowy skirt or dress.

Sweater & sunnies, H&M; tshirt, denim, headband, bracelets & sandals, LOFT; necklace & earrings, F21

I'll be honest about the feather trend. At first I hated it. Then it started to grow on me a little. Now I fully support it and love the ultimate bohemian feel it can give to any outfit! I am even considering getting feather hair extensions, or fairthers as I like to call them.

Please be sure to enter my Anthropologie giveaway! You do not want to miss out on it, trust me!

Have a wonderful Thursday evening! 

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Head Over Heels for Headbands

My headband love affair is much more serious than I realized.

I almost love them as much as Blair Waldorf did in her queen bee Gossip Girl days.

I love thick headbands...
Gift from a boutique in Utah

sparkly headbands...

stretchy headbands...

flower power headbands...

and bohemian, braided headbands!

They are the perfect accessory to combat a bad hair day or to just add some extra flair to your hair!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! After all, what girl doesn't want free Anthropologie duds? 

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I was wishing and hoping these past 2 weeks that I would find the perfect printed cardigan. It is essential to always place a print of some sort in your outfit. It especially makes a bold statement with one key piece.

My wish came true! 

I got this little cheetah number at LOFT.

(I know the exposure in the pictures is terrible, but I had no other time to take the pictures!)

Cardi, tank, necklace & BF jeans, LOFT; belt, vintage; shoes, Steve Madden

Start hunting for those safari prints! You won't regret it!

Have a super-duper day! God Bless America!

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