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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : July 2012


A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Tee: LOFT. Skirt: Nordstrom Rack. Shoes: Romwe. Belt: H&M.
1) Taking pictures on our balcony is what happens when you've just returned from a 3 week trip, you are coming down with the flu, you have no food, no jobs, and your pet's heads are falling off.

2) Fact: Your kitchen has about 100,000 more germs than your bathroom, and over half of kitchen faucets are contaminated with bacteria like E.coli (source).

3) On Sunday, the word captcha generator gave me a slang, somewhat derogatory term for a female body part. I didn't know whether to be shocked or laugh out loud, so I did the immature thing and laughed. What is with me acting like a 12 year-old? Sadly, I have no excuse.

4) As we were driving home from Utah to California, we saw an exit sign for the "Zzyzx Road." That cannot possibly be a real name and I am convinced they named it that for all of the alphabet game playing road trippers.

5) Would you rather sleep in a tent only at night for the rest of your life or have to use an out-house in an otherwise normal house?

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The Three Faces Of Luke

And a bum for good measure.

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Luke And I Match... Again

You know how I have a problem with always matching Luke to my outfits? Well, this one is probably the best so far. And they always seem to be the combo of navy, red and gray. Can't go wrong with primary color based outfits, in my humble opinion.

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

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Nauvoo, The City Beautiful

Yes, Matt is doing his impersonation of my outfit picture poses.
Way back when in 1839, Nauvoo, IL was home to some 12,000 Mormons (and a few non-Mormons too). This population rivaled that of Chicago, so you could say it was a booming metropolis of the time. The Latter-Day Saints were horrifically persecuted and driven from their home in Missouri, which led them to the quiet little town on the Mississippi River.

Upon arrival, Nauvoo was hardly more than a brush-infested swampland. With sweat, blood, and tears the people worked to build their City Beautiful... Nauvoo (the name being derived from the Hebrew word, "beautiful").

Matt, Luke, my in-laws, and I walked the streets and through the homes of these tough pioneers. Let me remind you that it was 98º with 70% humidity. Yeah. With mosquitoes. And chiggers (where my 23 bug bites came from). The original settlers of Nauvoo lived in these sweltering conditions with no relief from the heat in the summer, or from the frigid, bone-chilling weather in the winter. Like I said, they were some tough folk. Also, I just want to interject that I was going to say they were tough mofos, being that they were Mormon folk (notice the literal use of Mo Fo), but that slang is completely and entirely inappropriate in every sense of its meaning. Anyway...

We also visited Carthage Jail, where Joseph Smith, one of our LDS prophets, was martyred. The door and window pictured above is that of the original door the mobs shot through, killing Joseph's brother, Hyrum, and the window Joseph fell through as he was shot to death. "[At] Carthage Jail, an angry mob with painted faces, and certain death faced the Prophet Joseph Smith. But from the wellsprings of his abundant faith he calmly met the Goliath of death. 'I am going like a lamb to the slaughter,” he had said over a month earlier, “but I am calm as a summer’s morning. I have a conscience void of offense toward God and toward all men'" (lds.org).

Nauvoo is indeed beautiful. Such rich and personal history lives on at the LDS Historic sites. Personal in the fact that I discovered two of my great-great-great grandfathers lived there for a short time and rich in the fact that the people created a wonderful, thriving city with their talents and ingenuity.

The Nauvoo temple (gorgeous building in the sunset pictured above) was rebuilt in 2002 in the same exact model of the original temple that the Saints built in 1846. I am absolutely in awe and amazed that they were able to create such a stunning structure with their limited resources back then. It is truly miraculous.

If you love history, sleepy towns, wagon rides, Mormons, musical productions, or old crap (selectively or collectively) you should jot down Nauvoo on your list of places to visit. Take it from me, a Mormon history lover and vintage fanatic, it's pretty great.

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Mommy Travel Outfit

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Summertime is the most traveled season for us. Now that we have a baby in tow, it can get a little tricky and sometimes its hard to keep in style and comfort on those travel days. That daunting question of, "What should I wear to travel with a baby?" hangs in the air and can be overwhelming. Alas, I give you my go-to summer traveling mom uniform.

A black maxi skirt is basically like wearing sweats, but in a chic way. I like to break up wearing all solids by always incorporating a print into my outfit. Enter the striped tee. If you don't have a basic black and white striped tee in your closet, go get yourself one immediately. For realsies, it will be the best mommy purchase you've ever made. It's the easiest way to give your blah outfit some oomph. The panama hot is obviously a hot trend this summer and it doubles as a stylish way to cover up bedhead or greasy hair! As a mama, this occurs more often than I like to admit and a hat is an easy, quick look for me when I have little to no time to fuss over my hair. Strappy, flat sandals are easy to walk the miles and miles at the airport without sacrificing style. You absolutely must have a baby carrier when traveling with a baby. Good news is that TSA doesn't require you to take baby out anymore! Three cheers to you, TSA. I officially don't 100% despise you anymore. Last but not least, traveling with a small, compact diaper bag is imperative unless you like feeling and looking like a pack mule.

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Shirt/Shorts: Thrifted. Belt: LOFT. Sandals: c/o Jellypop Shoes.
1) Yes, I am indeed wearing culottes. I even had to Google how to spell culottes, that's how obscure they are to me in the realm of fashion. But, alas, I am wearing them and better yet, loving them. Let's nevermind the fact that I could easily be mistaken for a Disneyland employee. Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate's life far' meeee. 

2) Fact: There is at least one hidden Mickey silhouette on every ride and throughout the park at Disneyland. Try finding them next time you are there. Or you can get the checklist here if you feel like cheating.

3) Luke is starting to say, "da da da da da da da da." So cute.

4) This week I made cornbread with a cake mix. The result? A party in my mouth. Yet another recipe I need to share. It will quite possibly change your life.

5) Would you rather receive a free lifetime supply of ice cream or Slurpees?

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Home Sweet Home


Built in 1896, this home is where my parents live and where memories of ancestors remain. The house stands with its old quirks and historic charm. Uneven bricks line the exterior. Door handles show chips and wear from the grasps of hundreds of hands throughout the many years. Weathered beams and wood still stand as buildings after enduring through centuries of storms, snow, and sun. Rows of crops and chickens are tended to with care. A view of the church is admired in the distance every day, reminding our family of the purpose and sacrifice that brought our family to establish this residence over 100 years ago.

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Heber Part 2


I told you there were more people and pictures to come. This isn't even the whole lot! Big families are awesome, I don't care what anyone says. There is never a dull moment and always something dramatic happening.

The Heber trip included pedicures with nieces. More hanging out with Grandma. Snuggling with cousin Troy. Eating my sister Ginger's perfect cake... adorable, right? Luke meeting Aunt Holly, which was a much-anticipated event! Smiling with cousin Shaun for a second time (can I get a medal for this achievement, anyone?).  Celebrating Troy's 5th birthday, hence the Avengers cake! Fishing with the boys for the first time. Me trying to figure out the whole manual shooting mode, which explains some strangely blurred photos (I'm just a newbie to it, so it might take awhile to get it down). More snuggles with Aunt Holly. Cracking jokes with cousins Victoria and Camri.

If you peek really close in the picture where Luke is sitting in my sister's lap wearing the green shirt, you can see his new mohawk haircut my sister and mom cut last week, as opposed to his pathetic, wispy comb over  in the rest of the pictures. It's the only baby boy hairstyle that works right now, as much as I'd love for him to have the Dapper Dan look.

Just to clarify, my sisters are not twins, although the pictures may suggest otherwise. I didn't realize how similar they look until putting their photos side by side. Weirrrd. And then there's me. Actually, I look more like them than I ever have in my life especially compared to the days when I had short, blonde hair (circa 2007).

Needless to say, my trigger finger and the camera were tired by the end of the week, although I now have some priceless family photos which I will thank myself in the future for snapping. As hard as I try, I am slowly but surely turning into that crazy relative who insists on capturing every waking moment. I'm sensing an intervention in the near future...

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Heber Part 1


You loving this trip down the family tree? The show doesn't end here. You guys, this is only half of my family; I am the youngest of 8. 

Six of us were all able to hang out in Heber at my parent's house this last week. Every time I visit I am reminded of the charm, history and simplicity they live in, and it makes for a much-needed and quality time with the family.

The cute as a button kiddo with the dreamy eyes at the top is my Bodelicious. If you tell him that though he responds with a, "NO! I'm not Bodelicious! I'm Bode BOLTON!" High School Musical has been playing non-stop at their house for the last 4 years. 

Obviously the ole' man is Grandpa, of course. And that sweet, little lady in the rocking chair is Grandma.

Catching a picture of my Xbox guru of a nephew, Shaun, smiling is a rarity. You would have better luck spotting a white leopard in the wild, so basically I struck gold by capturing this shot. Yet another one to go in the frames! 

 The dudes making Lukey laugh are two of my five older brothers. Unfortunately, the other two of the five couldn't make it out for the trip to Heber, but the other one that would make five lives right up the street, although he is not pictured. That sounded like a horribly confusing story problem that takes an hour to figure out. Just take away from this that I have 5 brothers and 3 of them were there in Heber. Suppose I could have just said that in the first place. Dooooyyy.

You see those two beautiful girls above? Those are my nieces (Maty, the gorgeous darker one is an aspiring VS model) and I couldn't ask for better girls to be an aunt to! But they are just 2 of 4 amazing nieces. 

And we all know who that darling baby boy in the stripes is. These are some of the last pictures of his unruly hair before he got a big boy haircut. Stay tuned for his new do...

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Blouse: Thrifted. Pants & Belt: LOFT. Earrings: H&M. Bracelet: c/o INPINK. Platforms: c/o Jellypop Shoes.
 1) If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already saw this, but I have to mention it again because I still can't believe I said it. Last night I asked my mother-in-law to email me the WiFi password for their internet. Yeaahhhh... last time I checked, that doesn't exactly work out too well. 

2) I invented the greatest campfire treat in the world. It's called The S'More Del Diablo. I'm thinking it needs its own post, it's that delicious and decadent.

3) For the record, the flight with Luke went marvelously! I flew by myself with him since Matt was already here in Chicago for work. Let's just say Luke is a dream. I love that little Nugget! Also for the record, Nugget is Luke's other name we call him 50% of the time.

4) Fact: Jef Holm likes boys. Okay, that is obviously not a fact and I am totally talking about The Bachelorette which I vowed I would never do on this blog, but... I really, truly, genuinely believe Jef is gay and that ABC paid Emily off to not pick Sean so he could be the next Bachelor. Rant over.

5) Would you rather have a photographic memory and be able to memorize every bit of information you have ever read or possess the automatic ability to play any musical instrument in the world with professional skill?



Crying Babies On Airplanes

Cardigan, Denim, Sandals: LOFT. Tee: Old Navy. Initialized Necklace: Sprightly So.
Come tomorrow, I might be that person with the screaming baby everyone despises. We will be traveling to Chicago to Matt's old stomping grounds. That is a 4 hour flight. In baby hours, that is like 3 days stuck in a tightly packed airplane cabin. Yikes.

Am I nervous? Sort of. More for the fact of getting all our luggage checked and making it through security without any major issues. As for Luke, he is the perfect child. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but the kid smiles 99% of the time and hardly ever cries. That is not an exaggeration. He is golden. Don't know where he got that from, because I am an emotional basket case. Matt is pretty mellow though. Guess I answered my own question. Glad I could talk that out.

Anyway, in light of Luke's golden child status, I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will charm his fellow passengers with his gummy smile and keep the crying to a hungry signal only.

I know that I need to make sure he is sucking for takeoff and landing because of air pressure. The bags are packed with toys and books. Food supply is ample. I think we are pretty much set. Any other tips for traveling with a baby that you'd like to share? I'd greatly appreciate them. Wish us luck!

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Loving on Lukey

Let's face it. Luke is the center of attention 99% of the time. Especially when that time is spent with family. We love loving on our Lukey!

This past weekend we went to Matt's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful and the perfect time to snap some priceless photos with the family.

Can you now tell that Luke is practically the spitting image of his Papa? They even pull the same faces. I have a feeling that one will snag a spot in many frames throughout the Rodriguez households.

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