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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : June 2011


The Greens

The flowers in California are BEE-A-U-TIFUL! The plush plant life here makes me happy. Definitely beats the poop brown Arizona scenery.

These beauties live right outside by our patio...

Sequined tee: LOFT. Boyfriend jean: LOFT. Belt: LOFT. Sandals: Spain. Ring: LOFT.

...and they happen to make a picture-perfect outfit backdrop!

Lately, I have been wearing laid back pieces. Cotton and boyfriend jeans are my best friend for the summer. Adding the perfect accessories and buying tees with details makes for a simple, easy-to-wear outfit.

I am always curious about other blogger's husbands and boyfriends, and I love when they post pictures! So here is my cutie pie on his 26th birthday! He's about to set the place ablaze with all that fire!

And he is a stylish, young chap. Would I have married anything less? Definitely not.

Sperry Topsiders: Nordstrom Rack
Love him 

Make it a wonderful day, little lovers!

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Beach Daze

Our weekend schedule for the rest of the summer looks something like this:

Some more beach.
And some more beach.

With our umbrellas, towels, SPF, snacks, and books in hand, we had a lovely time! The sun was shining and the waves were 5 to 6 feet! 

Fedora: Nordstrom Rack. Shirt: Old Navy. Shorts: Old Navy.
Swimsuit: Old Navy. Shoes: gifted.
Disclaimer: I am not the type of girl to wear make up to the
beach, so please forgive this not-so-flattering photo!

Husband: cute. Don't know why this picture uploaded so blurry!

I totally suggest shopping for all of your beach clothes at Old Navy. The clearance rack and sales cost next to nothing (really), which always gives me peace of mind knowing my clothes will get all sandy, drenched, and sunworn.

On the note of beach book material, my current read is Mini Shopaholic. All of you fashionistas must read it if you have not already done so. Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is the greatest novel personality yet to grace the pages of chick lit, and I know all of us shopaholics can relate to her insane justifications. If you haven't read the Shopaholic series, get your booty to the nearest book store or library, STAT!

Hope you lovelies are enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine!

Thanks for reading and following my blog! to you all!

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Good Looking Celebrity Duos

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake's new flick, Bad Teacher, looks absolutely hilarious. Not to mention that the exes are reuniting! I will always love the Cam & Justin dating days, just along with Brad & Jennifer and Ryan & Rachel. I hate it when great couples split!

Anyway, enough of me crying and complaining.

Here are some pictures that I LOVE from the movie premiere in New York of the two.

Image from Instyle.com

Aren't they such wonderful eye candy together?

I don't necessarily love the sheer Chanel mini Cameron is sporting, but I am obsessed with her hair! The color, length, and wave are perfect!

Here is another adorable should-be couple I spotted while perusing on Instyle...

Elijah Wood and Zooey Deschanel! Aren't they adorable together!? I know, I know, she is married to the lead singer for Deathcab, but it doesn't change the fact that these two look good together. Also, I am fawning over her little white number and his manly chic look.

I just want to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing husband! Love you, Matt!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, loves!

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Think Organic

So I know this is totally random, but I have been seriously craving a grocery trip to Whole Foods Market. 

Many people have recommended it, and now that I live in the organic-loving state of the US, they are available on practically every corner!

Fate so has it that People magazine featured an entire Style Watch section on grocery shopping outfits! 

The top choice for celebrity groceries? Whole Foods. 

It's like the Vogue of grocery stores! Healthy, delicious food and great style inspiration. 

Here are my favorites:

Alessandra Ambrosia...LOVE her bag.

Ashley Greene

January Jones

Naomi Watts...great jacket!

Ryan Gosling...I am totally shopping at the one in LA now. You all know my love for Ryan Gosling. If not, you now do. Best-styled man in Hollywood.

I need to start buying fresh flowers for our kitchen table. They add a nice organic touch. Apparently Whole Foods has a wonderful selection! 

I am officially inspired to eat healthy and look fabulous while shopping for the goods!

What are your favorite healthy meals? Please share ideas! I need some organic yumminess in my life!

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Jackie Kennedy Onassis: Timeless

Hubby and I went on a Kennedy kick at the beginning of this week.

With Netflix as our BFF, we watched the TV miniseries, The Kennedys. 

Katie Holmes makes a dashing Jackie Kennedy and as I am a major fashion junky, of course I was ooing and awing at the wonderful costumes and remakes of actual fashions worn by the late First Lady.

 Hello! These sunnies are fab. I think I need to go get the exact same pair!

Look at how elegant! Love!

 The real Jackie Kennedy

Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy...she's a great match, huh!?

I highly recommend the miniseries if you are a history/fashion lover such as myself. It's a bundle of everything we love packed into 8 hours of laughter, tears, drama, and greatness.

My clothes have been packed away in suitcases and boxes (still!) for the past two weeks and I have been living in my boyfriend jeans and tees (not the most fashion forward look). I know I have been a total slacker with personal fashion posts, but they will be coming. I cross my heart and pinky promise.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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Who Loves Vintage? I Do!

Lovelies! I have some fabulous news for you.

My beautiful and fabulous friend, Jessica, owns a shop called Linda's Vintage that sells unique, vintage hairpieces! They are all hand-made and truly will give anyone a flair of that old Hollywood glamour. My personal favorite is the Liz Taylor. I have to have it!

To start off her new venture, she is hosting a giveaway on her blog for one of the pieces! Check it out here!



Aren't they absolutely to die for? I spy a major trend on the verge! 

Hope you lovelies have a magical weekend!


I Am A California Resident!

So we survived our move! Hip-hip-hooray! We now call Chino Hills, CA our home.

The last few days have been spent unpacking, organizing, and decorating. 

First on the list was the family room. The collage wall look is something I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now, and the layout and color of our new apartment is perfect!

 Isn't it adorable! Now I need a white slipcover for the couch and we're in business!
Yes, I am watching 17 Again! Love me some Zac Efron. Now that I live in Cali, maybe I'll bump into him! Ha. I wish.
This is our substitute entertainment center/bookshelf. It cost a whopping $25! Wire shelving works wonders for the frugal home designer. 

I promise I'll have a fashion post next time. There are just so many other exciting things going on right now! 

Make it a great day! 



Lash Fantastic

How many of you lovelies are Twilight fans? All of you!? I thought so!

I am currently obsessing about the Breaking Dawn official trailer!

I am a hopeless romantic and this is as romantic as it gets! AHHH! So excited! 

Bella's lustrous lashes at her wedding inspired my desire for lash extensions. I almost got them while on vacation in UT last week, but I am too lazy and poor to upkeep them. 

Aren't they fabulous? Maybe one day I'll splurge. After all, great lashes are the key to ultimate beauty. For now I stick to Maybelline Great Lash and Mac Opulash. The combo works wonders! I promise!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!