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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : October 2011


Happy Halloween!

Can you guess what The Mister is for Halloween?

I'll give you a hint...

Totally awesome, huh?

Have a safe and ridiculously fun Halloween night!

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Skelly In My Belly

I give you my Halloween costume...

 Brilliant, right? After all, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't dress up my unborn child on one of the most fun holidays around? The Mister and I are on our way to our church Trunk or Treat tonight, and I am all about dressing up!

I wish I could attribute this work of creativity to my own genius, but I found this idea via Pinterest. However, I did paint it on my own, so I think I deserve at least some props in the art department.

Today I am officially 28 weeks. That means I am 7 months pregnant. That means I am in my third and final trimester! Hip hip hoorraayy! I am so ready to meet Baby Rod. Aren't you too?

Enjoy your Halloweekend!

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Charlie Brown & Plaid Vests

Tonight I am looking forward to watching,

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Such a cute Halloween movie! I'm not one to watch scary movies. I like to pretend I love being scared out of my mind, but I'm just a big wussy. I'm that person that can't sleep soundly for at least a week after being spooked. Blame it on the over-active imagination.

You know what else is cute? 

My new thrifted vest. I'm pretty sure it's from one of those cute, little asian stores. You know the ones where the girls wear poms in their pigtails, knee-highs, and Hello Kitty? The label is in Chinese, so that is my justification. The detail is my favorite... little red buttons, plaid, and fabulous patchwork appliques!

Vest: Thrifted, Bufffalo Exchange.
Blouse: LOFT.
Red cords: LOFT.
Earrings: H&M.
Sunnies: Vintage.
(Yes, I live in So Cal and it's still sunny!)

I also want to let you know that there is a giveaway for a necklace of your choice from my shop at my favorite blog, Across The Pond. Click here to enter and check out the awesome Megan!

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Happy Words

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest words of wisdom I have gathered along the way...

Have an inspiring day.

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DIY Holiday Wreath

Nesting has kicked in, however in the form of crafting. I am craft crazed. Seriously.

Sadly, Matt and I just returned from a funeral for his uncle. It was a beautiful service, honoring an amazing man I am proud to have known. Hundreds of people came to show their support. He just understood life, one of the people that just "got it". 

The upside of funerals is the opportunity to spend quality time with the fam jam. I was able to meet one of the cousins and she is my new crafting inspiration. She taught me how to make the cutest holiday wreath you will ever see. 

Doesn't this little gem look like something you would get from Anthro? The ribbon is interchangeable for the season. And how cute is it to hang wreaths on mirrors? Love it all.

I take it you want to know how to make your own, so I'm going to tell you.


-Metal wreath form
-200 brown coffee filters
-Black Sharpie
-Hot glue gun


1) Wrap metal form with ribbon, attaching it with glue.
2) Color the edges of coffee filters black with Sharpie
3) Take one filter. Pinch the bottom, middle part of the filter and scrunch together so it makes a triangle shape...does that make sense? (sorry I don't have pictures)
4) Put glue on the bottom tip and glue it onto ribbon on wreath form
5) Overlap about 3 to 4 filters in one row
6) Repeat steps 3-5 until entire wreath filled
7) Finish wreath by tieing a coordinating bow
8) Hang somewhere you can proudly enjoy your new creation!

Grand total of this amazing wreath...


Best 5 bucks I've ever spent.



The Nursery Reveal!

When we first moved into our little abode, the second bedroom was used as extra storage space. You can only have so much stuff in 950 sq ft! The limited space makes you get pretty tricky and crafty with storage.

Needless to say, my nesting habits kicked in about 4 months early and I was determined to make Baby Rod's nursery a fabulous spot for the little guy to live.

Here is the storage room as a blank canvas...

And here is the galactic masterpiece I created...

Want to know how to make adorable framed posters on a budget? If you are anything like me, paying $25 per poster makes your skin crawl, but don't worry! You can make your own series, frames and all, for $15!


-Microsoft Word
-Glossy 8x11 cardstock paper
-Color printer
-3 frames (purchased mine from Walmart @ $3 each)
-White craft paint ($2)


-Create a new document in Word
-Select desired font and saying
-Fill in document with desired color
-Print onto glossy paper!
(note: I printed mine at Kinkos because my printer was done...it was $.84 a copy!)
-Paint two coats of white paint onto frames
-Let dry

Boom-shocka-locka, you have cute framed sayings that are ready to hang!

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Dear Baby


Dear Baby Rod,

Each day I look down at my protruding belly, I am awed and humbled that a loving Heavenly Father gave us such a precious gift. 

It is truly amazing how much love your daddy and I have for you. We look forward to the day when we get to fill the nursery with your presence, and just stare at you for hours as you sleep. We dream of the days when you start walking and talking, so your dad can teach you to run seamless football plays by the time you are 3. We pray that you will be obedient and love us, that you will always trust in our decisions for you, as they are and will be in the best interest for you. We aspire to teach you as much about the world as possible, so that you have a love for learning and will have a desire to do great things. We hope we will live and teach you by good example, that you will look at others with respect for their potential, instead of judgment. We desire for you to be happy and at peace with yourself, and to love yourself for the marvelous little person you are. 

Your acrobatic performances in my tummy and ninja kicks to the ribs can be ticklish and annoying at the same time, but I am so grateful you are healthy and active. I know there will be difficult times, but I promise will always strive to remain positive and patient, especially at the times I will not want to be. I promise to always listen to your point of view and respect your thoughts and opinions as an individual. I promise to see you as the child of God that you are in all things that you do, and to unconditionally love you.

Life will get rough. Your heart will break, your spirit will hang low, and your beliefs will be questioned. Just know that there will always be a better day to look forward to and that the Savior's love will be able to swallow any sorrow or trouble you have. 

With each passing day that I can see my toes less and less, means you are that much closer to being in our arms! Keep growing and developing into our beautiful baby boy. 

We love you.


Mom & Dad

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Yucky Yuck

Glucose tolerance testing should fall into the category of torture. This routine pregnancy test determines the presence of gestational diabetes. 

First, you have to fast for at least 12 hours. The fasting alone makes me feel icky. 

Second, you have to drink a little 8 oz. bottle of sugar-water that contains 75 grams of sugar. Let me reiterate that...
75 grams of sugar!
I'm pretty sure that amount of sugar consumed in 5 minutes alone can give you diabetes. Or at least that is how I felt. I for sure thought I was going to puke.

Lastly, you have to wait around for 2 hours and get your blood drawn each hour. The loss of blood, mixed with the lack of food and extreme sugar-high is just a terrible combination.

Basically, this is how I feel right now...

Lovely self portrait, isn't it? Ha. 

Sorry for the pessimism, but I am just warning all of you that haven't experienced the crappy parts of pregnancy. I feel it's my duty to tell you the things nobody else will! You will thank me one day :)

On a very positive note, I'm off to a heavenly looking grilled cheese sandwich and a glorious nap.

Have a wonderful day!

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Blouse: LOFT.
Striped tee. LOFT.
Necklace: Vintage.
Belt: LOFT.
Leggings: H&M.
Earrings: H&M.

"Finish each day and be done with it.  You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."  
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I make loads of mistakes. I have my own issues and often beat myself up for making them. But you know what? Emerson has it right. "Blunders and absurdities" definitely weasel their way into life every single day, and letting them dictate life will lead to destruction.

Here is my solution to letting go of those demons and finding peace:

1) Admit your mistakes--denial and excuses are jet fuel to the fire of weakness.
2) Count your blessings--look at all the great things you've created in your life!
3) Control your thoughts-- you are what you think, and your thoughts will ultimately lead you to your actions, which ultimately lead to the formation of your character. Think good things!
4)Pray--whether you believe in a higher power or not, just try it. It works.
5) Love yourself and realize you are only human-- nothing is permanent in this world, especially crappy times. There is always a chance for redemption, at least until you're dead, and even then I'm sure there is room for negotiation.
6) Never give up-- remember that every cloud has a silver lining, and break-throughs often occur when you feel all is lost.
7) Find a hero to look up to-- my inspirational guru is the Pixar company. I'll lend them to you while you find your own even! Read up on them. Anything is possible if you just believe!

Thanks to all of you that have contributed to Breast Cancer Awareness and visited or purchased from my shop! We have raised $80 to donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation so far! Woohoo! Let's get to the goal of $100! Who's with me!?

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Colonel Mustard In The Library

I think I have played Clue once in my life, but I can't be too sure. It is sufficient to say though that Colonel Mustard would be my guy. Mustard is my favorite fall color, if you didn't already know.

Now, the condiment mustard is an entirely different story...I didn't start liking it until about 5 years ago, and I still  place limits on what I will eat it with. You could say my tastebuds have matured, but my meal prefernces have not. I will only eat mustard with corn dogs and sloppy joes. In fact, 90% of the foods I eat are generally categorized into the meal plan of a 6-year old...

PB & J
Mac N' Cheese
Tater tots
Honey Nut Cheerios
Apple slices
Fruit snacks
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

Yep, that pretty much sums up my diet.

Sweater dress: LOFT.
Beanie: F21.
Belt: Anthropologie.
Leggings: F21.
Leg warmers: H&M
Boots: Buffalo Exchange (thrifted)

Ok, I really don't know why I am rambling on about food so much, because I have other important news you absolutely must know about.

Many of you know the amazing Ashley from The Shine Project. She is an extraordinary example of happiness and what life is about! Her most recent project is The Shine Fundraising Event, where she is hosting a raffle and auction to provide college scholarships for 8 kids from Cesar Chavez High School! You can click here to participate in the raffle, where you can enter to win $500 worth of merchandise donated by bloggers (myself included)!


It's loads of fun and you are helping a truly phenomenal cause!

My $25 LOFT gift card giveaway ends tomorrow, Saturday, October 15, so get your cutie-patootie over here and enter!

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Current Events

Me, Ginger, Mom

My parents are kind of old. They are probably reading this right now saying, "Hey! That's not fair! Don't pigeon-hole us into that category. You just wait until you're our age...we look great!"

And you do, Mom & Dad. I totally agree. And I totally love having fake, hypothetical conversations with my parents like they are really here.

So anyway, where was I? Yes, the rents are a bit technologically behind. Luckily, my brother, Brady, helped them out and set them up with a new webcam on their new computer and we Skyped last night! It may not seem like a big deal to all of you that have techy parents, but my mom doesn't even use a cell phone. The cell phone that is in her possession sits in the glove compartment of her car, and is covered in dust. Bless her sweet, little heart.

My sister, Ginger, and her three kiddos are visiting my parents right now. As we were Skyping, the littlest wandered up to the computer, staring at it like an alien (as it was his first Skype experience too) and pointed to the bandage on his head.  Let me mention this kid has horrible luck when visiting Grandma & Grandpa. Last visit he got bit by a brown recluse! Naturally, something needed to happen this time too. And indeed it did. 

I was perplexed by the mark and bandage on his head. It was funky looking. My sister was standing in the background with her mouth set. I asked "What in the world is that?"

Not expecting the answer I was about to receive, they replied, 

"He got ran over by the lawnmower."


How does that even happen? 

The Wittow Guy

Now, don't fret. It's not like his head got chopped off. He just got behind the lawnmower and it more or less bonked him on the noggin. Poor wittow guy! Murphy's Law is intent on getting the best of him, and he's only 3! Luckily, he is okay, it just sounds more dramatic than anything.

Oh the joys of parenthood we have to look forward to!

And that's my entertaining news for the day. Life can get pretty crazy when you are the youngest of 8! 

Do you have a big family? What are your wild stories?



Conquer Your Furs

The weatherman said it's 97 degrees today. Say what!?

Um, I'm pretty sure it's that time of year when people are drinking pumpkin flavored hot drinks and eating pumpkin pastries, all while carving pumpkins. 

In their sweaters, scarves, and boots.

Or in my case...fur!

Wearing my faux fur vest makes me feel like a diva. Or Cruella. After all, it is that time of year. 

It makes me feel like shouting "I'm not afraid anymore!" to the world, just like Kevin does in Home Alone to the man-eating oven thingy in the basement.

Wearing fur practically gives you magical powers, didn't you know?

Fur Vest: LOFT.
Blouse: LOFT.
Skinnies: Express.
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: F21.

In other news, Meg from Pinker On My Side gave me this award...

Thanks, Meg! Now I get to tell you 7 random facts about myself. 

Ready? Okay, here we go...

1. I am 5'2" if you couldn't tell from the pictures.
2.  I drink a gallon of milk every 5 days. Basically, I have some seriously strong bones.
3. The Mister and I go to Disneyland at least once a week.
4. I once ate a spoonful of dirt for $20.
5. I once ate a ball of wasabi for $100. Not a pinch, a 1 inch BALL. Was it worth it? Every penny.
6. No, I have never eaten an insect or worm for money because I know that's what you're all wondering.
7. I am the youngest of 8 kids!

Now you know me a little bit better! 

P.S. I have two announcements:

1) Go here to my shop to see how you can support Breast Cancer Awareness

2) Go here to enter my $25 LOFT gift card giveaway! You have 3 days left! Hurry, hurry kitten purry (I don't know what else rhymes with hurry, my apologies)!

Have a fabulous day, little lovers!

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