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Edible Play Dough For Toddlers

Last week Luke and I whipped up a batch of delicious edible play dough. I loved watching Luke's eyes light up as he poured the ingredients into the mixing bowl and stirred them together. He is such a helpful little fellow, and insists on taking chores upon himself, right by my side. Now if I can only instill this love of chores for the next 18 years, then I will have it made!

This is the best sensory tot school activity we've done so far. We rolled out and cut up different shapes and creatures, and dyed our hands a lovely mix of marbled colors as we made a rainbow of hues to pick from. And since Luke is still just a little guy, it was imperative that the play dough be edible. We have the real stuff, but I've been hesitant to pull it out for fear he will eat it and get terribly sick. This solves that problem! As I suspected, he snuck more into his mouth than he left over by the end of our playing session, but I didn't have to worry, especially since the ingredients are healthy and simple.

Now, here are the no-cook, easy-peasy steps to your edible play dough!

Edible Play Dough for Toddlers

1 cup oatmeal baby cereal (or rice cereal for a gluten-free option)
1 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup apple sauce (one packet of the squeezable kind)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
Food coloring of choice

Mix the baby cereal and cornstarch together well. Add in the apple sauce, vegetable oil, and food coloring and knead with hands until the dough is a thick, moldable consistency resembling play dough. Repeat for additional colors. Dough can be refrigerated when not being used for up to 4 days. Simply microwave it for approximately 15 seconds or however long to warm it up to where it is moldable. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from here.

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At February 19, 2014 at 4:06 AM , Blogger Saskia said...

Thank you for sharing!
I found one recipe on Pinterest using peanut butter and our toddler is allergic to it - so I will definitely give this a try!



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