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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : April 2012



making an animated gif

Doing the Hamilton cannonball is always guaranteed to make a pool day excellent, even if it is only sub par in form and technique. This is what the judges had to say.
Technique: 5.0
Form: 4.0
Splash: 9.7

There is a bright side to being flabby and still 12 lbs from my prebaby weight... an almost perfect splash!


Bad Idea

Tee: Old Navy. Skirt: LOFT. Sandals: Lush Boutique. Shades: Boutique.
We just got back from Palm Springs round two and it was the perfect mini vacation.


While Matt was out working, I got this genius idea (sike) to watch the movie 1408...while on the couch of our hotel room. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the one with John Cusack spending the night in a haunted, evil hotel room.

Bad, bad, bad idea.

We stayed in a Marriott hotel and not some creepy, old New York hotel, but I it was still frightening nonetheless. I especially freaked when he started talking about how all hotel rooms are creepy because you never know what goes on behind closed doors or how many people have been sick and died in the very bed in which you are temporarily sleeping. Keep in mind that I was staring at our hotel bed in horror as he was making this morbid, cynical speech.

Long story short, I didn't even make it all the way through and I will never be able to listen to "We've Only Just Begun" in enjoyment ever again.

The happy, joyous experiences of Palm Springs to come next week!




Button-up: Children's Place. Pants: H&M Kids. Onesie: Old Navy.

Would you look at that smiling mug? Heart melting, kisses incoming.

The laughs are rolling out on a daily basis now, too. I cannot even stand the cuteness of it. You know those new studies about the pleasure centers in our brains lighting up like fireworks when we see something cute? I am pretty sure I get a pure rush of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins flooding in my brain when The Lukester laughs.

I think I discovered the panacea to depression -- a laughing baby.

Dr. Abbey recommends 3 doses per day of Babylafter (baby laughter). If effects are not felt after 48 hours, increase dosage to two babies laughing simultaneously, 3x daily.

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Sweatshirt: Free People. Top: LOFT. Belt: Vintage. Pants: F21. Hat: Madewell. Platforms: GUESS.
1) Matt has an interview with a topnotch organization today. Pray that he will make a good impression so I can share more details about it!

2) Fact: "Men are naturally drawn to a woman’s lips more than any other facial feature especially if she’s wearing red lipstick. Within 10 seconds of encountering a female, a man will spend most of his time gazing at her mouth. If she’s applied a bold shade of lipstick like red he will find it difficult to look away. Lips naturally become red to represent a natural flush of arousal very similar to blushing. When turned on, the blood rushes closer to the skin and makes lips appear fuller and plumper. So unintentionally your sending out sexy vibes similar to pheromones. Lips play a key role in sexual attraction as they represent one of those most sensual aspects about a woman. Red lipstick have proven to be the most powerful attractor" (source).

3) Lucky FABB is in less than a week. So excited to see this lineup of amazing people, including my imaginary BFF Janie Bryant. It's fate, people.

4) Have you ever said "You're soooo good lookin'" in place of "God bless you" after someone sneezes? I think I'll try it sometime soon and see if anyone has a clue what I'm talking about. It is almost allergy season, after all.

5) I'm tired of the expression "creative outlet". Admittedly, I have used it in the past but feel it has become ironically cliche. If we are so creative, let's think of a different way to say it. How about "artistic release" or "visionary avenue" or "inspired approach". Yes, that's much better.


My Spring Beauty Regime

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

My face and hair love Spring. A tan starts to grace my face, meaning I can keep it dewy and fresh with a few products that do not require layers of makeup. My skin thanks you, warm weather. Pretty pastels on my fingers and toesies make my appendages happy to grace the world with their presence. Yummy scents keep me smelling like the birth child of a cotton candy machine that collided with a floral shop. The mixture is nothing short of delightful. And every girl with bangs for sure needs a large boar bristle round brush. It's just a no brainer.


Custom Blog Design Giveaway! (closed)

Monday is the best day to get a fresh start, so how about a giveaway for a fresh new blog design?

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Also, I just need to point out that Andrea is a photographer and her blog is to die for. Even if you aren't a blogger and this giveaway doesn't exactly benefit you, still check out her blog. Bee-ay-yootiful.


A Trip Down Memory Lane


Life in the late 80's and early 90's was good. 

Mullets, polka dot peplums, Ninja Turtles, Dorothy Hammill haircuts, and vintage vinyl highchairs highlight the awesomeness of our era. 

Me being just plain weird, such as hanging out in a dog kennel, hasn't changed. I'm still as quirky and ridiculous as I've ever been. 

Some things never change, do they?



Dear Cesar Millan

Cardigan, Denim: LOFT. Platforms: GUESS (similar). Scarf: F21 (similar). Belt: Urban Outfitters. Lip Gloss: NARS Wonder.

Our chihuahuas are out of control. Benny is blind so I figure he gets a free pass card from being a respectfully trained pooch. Max though... we have issues.

Is it possible for a dog to be diagnosed with ADHD? I am 99.9% sure Max has it. He runs around the house in specific patterns at lightning speeds and repeats it at least 10 times. Maybe he is OCD? Perhaps OCDADHD? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Mix that with a blind dog attempting to bite off your hand if you catch him off guard, which obviously isn't hard to do, and what do you get? A big ole' sloppy joe mess... hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders. Navy beans, navy beans, navy beans. This post just went rogue and turned into a game of "Name That Song."


Cesar, I am sending you telepathic vibes via a dog whistle. I'm counting on you getting the message. I needz your dog whizpering skillz.





Since we practically live at Disneyland, we've taken upon ourselves the title of paparazzi to the Disney characters. A candid photo collection of every character to grace the grounds of Disneyland is a necessity to devoted Disney fanatics like ourselves, wouldn't you agree?

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Tops: LOFT, Free People. Crops & Belt: LOFT. Bracelet: InPink. Sandals: Spain.

1) Yesterday while at Disneyland, we met and chatted with a charming elderly gentleman named Walt. Coincidence? I think not.

2) Fact: Crows are the most intelligent of all birds. Somehow I am strangely disappointed with this knowledge. Probably has something to do with the notion that my childhood beast of a cat, Oscar (RIP you old flea bag), caught them on a weekly basis and left them as presents on the front porch. Doesn't sound too smart to me, but then again Oscar was the king of the neighborhood cats and probably the Einstein too.

3) Looking for a good read? I suggest The Sun Also Rises or Atlas Shrugged. Indulge that pretty little head of yours with some mentally stirring classics. Your intellect will thank you for it.

4) A little word of advice I've learned in the past week when starting up on a workout schedule after being physically stagnant for an entire year...Do start with beginner's yoga. Do not start with P90X.

5) If I had one wish this week, it would be to have superpower sewing skills so I could design and create an entire wardrobe inspired by Mad Men. Janie Bryant, can we please be best friends?

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Palm Springs

Yes, we are lucky little ducks. It doesn't get much better than sitting pool side in 80 degree weather at 7:00 at night. That's Palm Springs for you. Now, we just need to get Luke working on his back stroke and we're all set.

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The Bluth Family

Tee: Thrifted. Skirt: Old Navy. Accesories: F21. Sandals: Charlotte Russe.

I'd never watched Arrested Development (gasp!) and figured that needed to change, thanks to Netflix.  

The next 4 hours following that decision were full of pure, gut-busting bliss.

I know, apparently I've been living under a rock -- a 30 Rock if we're getting specific here-- but I now see the comedic light.

The important question here is if there really is a frozen banana stand in Newport, and how I can get my hands on some of that goodness. 

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Three Things

Shirt, Pants: H&M Kids. Shoes: Old Navy.

One: Thank you all so much for your sweet, uplifting words in response to my last post. I was not expecting to get so much love from all of you, and I truly cherish the relationships we've formed and the support you give me and my family! Google and I are working on a way to send physical hugs to all of you via email. Also, I learned that putting my life in the public can mean that people will have negative things to say. Such is life. I suddenly feel awful for celebrities. Yes, it is their choice to go public with their life, but I can see how being slandered on a daily basis by millions of people can definitely cause you to go psycho and shave your head (Britney, if you are reading this and I know you are since I'm so famous now, I have nothing but love for you and hope you become the next Xfactor judge).

Two: Luke recently developed this squealing thing and we have our own talent act now. I make a high pitched "woooOOOO" noise, and he copies it. He's like my own personal parrot in baby form. Score.

Three: Here is the winner of the Tunes & Spoons blog design giveaway!

Congrats, Dani! You are about to have a spiffy new blog design! Email me at rodriguez.abbey@gmail.com so you can get the deets to get that blog makeover going!

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