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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : An Ode To Fathers


An Ode To Fathers


Thank you...

For teaching me how to ride my bike in the cul-de-sac of 59th street. For taking me to Beauty & The Beast, the very first movie I ever remember seeing in theaters.  For spending your weekends letting me help you in the yard and then taking me for a McDonald's happy meal.  For teaching me that the spiritual things in life matter most, not the material. For always thinking I'm funny and appreciating my "quirky" style, and convincing Mom I am not completely insane and that I inherited it from your mother. For always helping me out, especially during the rough patches. For stocking the cupboards with junk food when I was sick of eating healthy. For working your tail off and then some to provide for my wants and needs. For always telling me you love me and ensuring that I know how loved I truly am. You are one swell, heck of a guy. I love you.


Thank you...

For loving Luke so immensely that it brings tears to your eyes. For being that one person for whom Luke will always smile. For being an expert bottle maker and swirling instead of shaking so the bottle isn't all foamy. For already teaching Luke how to love the things you love. For working every day to support our little family of three. For being the perfect example of an honorable and loving husband and father. For choosing me as the one to be the mother of your children-- our children. For being k-u-h-t-e-h. I love you like crazy.


At June 18, 2012 at 8:39 PM , Blogger The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Such a cute post, Abbey! I love the swirling the bottle part!

The Mrs. and The Momma

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