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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : March 2012




Somebody found is thumb buddy.

This is good and bad news. Good that Luke knows how to console himself without me having to pop his pacifier back in every 30 seconds. Bad that he seems the type to be a thumbsucker for life. 

Looks like we better put aside a special savings account for orthodontia.

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Put Your Sunglasses On

Think Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing" + a John Travolta impersonation
Dress, Necklace, Headband: LOFT.  Button-up, Belt: H&M. Booties: JCPenney.

The whiteness of my legs and brightness of these photos may cause retinal damage, much like staring at the sun. I apologize. The camera was on the wrong setting, hence the really bright colors. 

I have no excuses for my pastiness. Actually, I blame it on my Scottish and British heritage. It's a load of bollocks, the whole skin type thing. If I lived back in Shakespearean times, I would be in style with the uber white flesh. Apparently I was born in the wrong century. The funny thing is that my last name is Rodriguez, which really throws people for a loop when they see me. You should see me next to Matt in the summer. He is one quarter Mexican, therefore he turns a beautiful shade of brown. Me, not so much, but I try. Guess there is another reason to be grateful it's beach season. Time to get my semi-tan on!



Shot To The Heart

Cardigan: LOFT. Blouse: LOFT. Skinnies: Express. Flats: Vintage. Readers: Vintage.
Luke got his 2 month shots on Tuesday. So sad. Smiling and cooing one moment, followed by a sudden onset of screaming and tears. I do believe those were his first tears of pain. They were flowing out of his poor little eyes as the blood dripped down his thighs from the needle. Too graphic? I'm just going for the drama here. It was just a tiny drop of blood, which was immediately covered with a band-aid.

Zoom to my face... a weeping, puffy-eyed mess as I watched the nurse torment my baby.

We have now successfully spent the last two days cuddling and eating non-stop. Bye-bye 97th percentile for weight, hello uncharted waters of 110th percentile, AKA fattest 2 month old alive.

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Downton Arby's

You guys, I think I just peed a little from laughing so hard. The best line?

"Man, I love Downtown Arby's."

"It's not Downtown Arby's, it's Downton Arby's."



Sunshine And Sand

This will be my first California spring and summer not pregnant! Basically meaning it is my first spring and summer to enjoy. No bulging belly out of a too-tight swimsuit or being 10 degrees hotter than everyone else = pure sunshiny bliss!

We soaked up all the bliss we could this last beach excursion.

The sun shone proudly, the sand was soft enough to nap on, and the prettiest flowers were in full bloom. Next time I'll make sure to go with a box of Oreos in one hand and a Coca-Cola in the other.



A Random Thing Or Two-sday

1) Alex Trebek's brain must be loaded with all kinds of trivia genius by now. I wonder how he'd fare as a contestant on Jeopardy? I'm writing to ABC and requesting they give him a break from hosting so he can show us them brainiac skillz.

2) My most recent fickle obsession is spelling everything with a 'z' instead of an 's' for things that usually end in 's'. Does that make sense? Like the aforementioned skillz of Alex Trebek.  For realz.

3) Clockwork Orange is quite the disturbing read, yet I feel an overwhelming desire to finish it, no matter how terrifying it gets. The supposed redeeming 21st chapter that was thrown to the wayside in America for so long is the bait that is keeping me hooked. I'm dying to know how it ends, but overall I just want to tolcholk those nadsats in the listo.

4)  Learning how to speak a second language helps protect against age-related memory loss (source). Considering that my memory has been shot to Hades since having a baby, it's about time I start learning French so I can sing alone with my favorite French song and actually know what I'm saying.

5) I am going to do us all a favor and show you how to leave a proper hyperlink to your blog when leaving a comment. People will be 263 times more likely to visit if it's a click away instead of having to copy and paste it into their browser (which is possibly the most annoying thing in the world to do). Keep a copy of the code in your desktop files or some place where you can easily copy and paste.

Here is the code:


Boom. Done. You're welcome.

6) Here is the winner of the DownEast Basics giveaway! Email me at rodriguez.abbey@gmail.com to claim your cute item from their store!

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Another Disney Day


Can you tell? Just being there makes me genuinely happy inside. 

There have been talks of discontinuing Disneyland Passports in the coming year. Not in the real world, don't panic. Just in our household. Matt thinks we'll be able to withstand not going every week. I'm all, "Yeahhh, okay, whatever," because I already know that the inner children within us won't stand by a sans Disneyland life. 

Just look at those corn dogs. And the beautiful scenery. And the stomach-dropping rides. And Mickey.

A life without Mickey is no life at all.

That is why this will be used as future propaganda to convince Matt that annual passports are a necessity. A bare necessity.

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Rainy Sunday

It's raining, it's pouring, although I'm not snoring.

Laying in bed, Hemingway filling my head, so I'll be smarter in the morning.

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The Happy Hour

Have any of you been hammered with the Hams yet? If not, it's the kind of partying you should be doing. Meg is hipsterific and you may just want to cut your hair into a blonde bob after reading her adorable blog.


i am meg, he is tanner, and together we are the hams! after our quick meet-n-greet in banana republic in utah we became inseparable, (after i broke up with his best friend that is)... we then fell fast in love and were married in the summertime of 2009. peer pressure from friends and family of not starting a family in our first year of marriage, caused myself to start a blog! annd if blogging is anything like what type of mother i'll be... at least i'll be consistent even though i don't know what i'm doing! ha
since then we made a move to southern california where we currently live now. i am learning the ins and outs of my new town and good places for grub. i blog about our everyday adventures and everything else in-between! while i'm no fashion blogger by any means, i felt it appropriate to show you a little bit of my latest cravings (my red pants and fur sweater)... we hope you come and stop by the happy hour to get HAMmered with us! :winks: 
with love,

You Look So Familiar

via. via. via.

At least once a month a random person will ask me if we've met before or if I'm related to so and so. Then it is followed with the line, "You look sooo familiar" to which I reply, "I have one of those faces."

I think I finally figured out the reason behind the madness. 

When I had blonde hair, people always told me I reminded them of the Olsen twins. With the advent of Pinterest, I was finally able to do some picture hunting of the entire Olsen family that looked similar to yours truly.

What do you think? Could I possibly be the lost fourth sister? I always had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that I was adopted...

If not, Matt thinks there is a good chance I could be a celebrity double for Lauren Conrad. But then again, I've always thought LC resembles the Olsen's a bit, so maybe we are all just related.

Hey Ashley, Mary-Kate, Elizaebth, or Lauren? If you ever need someone to fill in for you, I'm your girl. Let's keep it in the family, okay?

Alright, I'm getting out of control here. Time to go.

Abbey Rodriguez-Olsen-Conrad signing off.

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Cars That Go KABOOM

Tee: LOFT. Skirt: F21. Handbag: H&M. Mary Janes: Nordstrom. Accessories: H&M, F21.

Visualize this. 

An optical illusion. At an intersection with uneven asphalt that looks perfectly flat when approaching it, yet in reality resembles a crater. Cars speeding at 50 miles per hour. An impending KABOOM after they catch serious air, all the while wondering if they just bottomed out. 

This is a daily occurrence at the intersection by our house. Gotta love cheap thrills. It's almost as good as stepping off a curb you don't realize is there, and feeling like you are falling off a cliff for .0001 of a second.