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Along Abbey Road | A Lifestyle And Family Blog : Spring & Summer Wardrobe Staples For Toddler Boys


Spring & Summer Wardrobe Staples For Toddler Boys

Target tee. H&M tank tops. Target hoodie. Target play shorts. H&M colored pants. Baby Gap denim shorts. Target bow tie. Old Navy button-down. Janie & Jack overalls. Baby Gap sunglasses. Baby Bee sunscreen stick. Zara swim shorts. Hoy Shoe Salt-Water sandals. H&M flip-flops. Target high-top sneakers.

Whenever I am flipping through a magazine or see a really sweet men's outfit, I think to myself, "Man, sometimes I wish I were a dude!" There are some super sleek and awesome details about a man's wardrobe. And lucky for me I have not one, but two handsome fellows whom I can dress vicariously through!

These are all of my go-to toddler boy wardrobe staples for the spring and summer. The heat and sun are upon us here in Encinitas, so Luke's closet is basically a mirror image of this. I prefer to keep things simple for the summer since we are either at the park or beach most days.

The key to creating an affordable, stylish and effortless boy's wardrobe is to get basics that can easily mix and match. I shop at the listed stores above for all of my boys' clothing and give two enthusiastic thumbs up to all of the options and styles available for little guys. I've realized that boys don't need five million different accessories and doodads as I've trained my girl brain to think, so let this be a guide if you are feeling perplexed as to what shopping needs to get done for the warm weather.

-Tees. Luke lives in these. We get four to five tees for him that can color coordinate with bottoms.
-Tank tops. These are essential if you live in a warm place, plus they are darling.
-A hoodie. This is all Luke needs for when it cools down in the evening with a light beach breeze. I personally always opt for gray since it can go with anything.
-Play shorts. Luke also lives in these because you can't properly climb a jungle gym in anything more restricting!
-Colored pants. Luke wears these to church or if we need to go somewhere where the dress code calls for a more polished look.
-Denim shorts. We prefer the slim fitting cut-offs for the days we want to get a little more trendy.
-White button-down and a bow tie. This is Luke's church uniform, which is paired with either colored pants or overalls.
-Overalls. Because it doesn't get cuter than a toddler in overalls, and they can be dressed up or down.
-Swim shorts. I figure he will only be able to pull these Euro style swim shorts off while he is little and those legs and buns are all stocky and squishy!
-Sunglasses and sunscreen. Obvious necessities when the sun shines its glorious face.
-Sandals. They are worn with pretty much everything.
-Flip-flops. Because trying to fiddle with the buckles on those damn Saltwaters at the beach and pool makes me swear like a sailor.
-Sneakers. High-tops to be specific, because the kid needs to run and get a little crazy sometimes.

And there you have it. You need no more and no less to curate an adorable and affordable toddler boy wardrobe for the impending warm weather. Hope the sun is shining your way today!

(Shop the items from above right down here and check out my summer staples for a baby boy here!)

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At March 20, 2014 at 9:42 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

we have so many of the items on this list. lol! :)


At March 20, 2014 at 8:18 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

We style blogging mamas need to keep our boys on trend ;)


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