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Just The Two Of Us

There are exactly just two more weeks of Luke and mommy time. This little nugget and I make a good team as we go adventuring, run errands, snuggle up on the bed with popcorn in hand while watching Toy Story (the current favorite), and spend countless hours reading the same ten books over and over again.

Something inside of my motherly conscience aches knowing that it will no longer be just the two of us, but I excitedly await the moment Luke and his baby brother get to meet. That moment he stares into that squishy, pink face and gives his little brother sweet kisses and exclaims, "baby!" I am so ready for my heart and love to expand more than I knew it could, and I guess all of that makes the rest of the sadness and anxiety over the change float away.

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At October 26, 2013 at 9:26 PM , Blogger Celeste said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy your special time with your boy...my heart already aches a little when I imagine it no longer being just me and my little guy, just the two of us, and I'm not even pregnant with baby #2 yet :)

At October 27, 2013 at 6:14 PM , Blogger Erin @ Love, the Campbells said...

This is so sweet! Soak in the moments where it's just the two of you because those are the ones he will cherish forever! And all the new exciting memories once his little brother comes! xoxo


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