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Free Succulents And Cacti Wall Art Printable

Adding a touch of green is the best way to brighten up a home, in my opinion. We've been on a plant kick lately and it's kind of addicting. Although, I do have to share a freaky story with you regarding live plants being in the home...

Luke and I were hanging out in our living room stacking blocks when I saw a gigantic, dark brown spider scurry underneath our shelf. I don't usually scream when I see spiders but this one made me let out a "OHHWAAAAOHAAA!"

I gathered my wits, thinking to myself, Get it together, Abbey. You have children who need you to be the responsible adult and get rid of the spider.

I have a hard time killing bugs, because they are living things. (I know, so very Buddhist of me, although I do eat meat so that point is probably moot.) Whenever I find spiders I always catch them and release them into the wild to eat all of the other nasty insects, and I find spiders the lesser of the insect evils. Well, it so happens as I plopped down a glass and slid some paper underneath, that not only was it a huge spider, but it was a freaking BROWN RECLUSE. Shudder.

Luke thought this spider removal extravaganza was the coolest thing in the world, and helped me investigate all of its markings. We were both looking at it, our bellies down on the pavement outside, to be sure it was the venom-spewing monster we thought it to be. Yup. It was. Violin markings, body shape and all. Of course, I flipped out as soon as we confirmed it and was all, "LUKE! Stay far away! This thing is a baby killer!"

So, yeah. The moral of the story is that having lots of house plants will quite possibly create a tropical paradise for bugs and critters. I mean, I can't really blame them. I'd rather hang out in a protected and shady jungle in an air-conditioned home than in the sweltering heat where I could be eaten or stepped on. But that still doesn't change the fact that it is terrifying to be host to poisonous spiders. I religiously inspect for spiders every morning now.

Anyway, the REAL point of this post was about this succulent and cacti print I painted the other day. A couple of people were wondering if it was going to be available as a free printable, so I thought, sure! Why not! So, here you go! You can download the 8x10 succulents and cacti wall art printable here. Also, I am still trying to figure out which color profile settings work best for printing, so the color may vary when you print it.

This print is a great way to add some color to those walls for spring! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @alongabbeyroad if you print it out! Hope you love it!

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