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NUK USA Bottle And Pacifier Giveaway

Our boys are definitely what you would call "binky" babies. Luke would probably have taken a pacifier until his sophomore year in high school if we would have let him. The day he stopped using it was a very tearful and sorrowful one (mostly on my end), but Luke trusted all eight of them were in good hands as we waved goodbye to them in the moving truck. (Which was already almost a year ago! Sheesh! That went by quickly.)

Nowadays, it is Wes who takes a binky or a "dinky" (as we call them), and Luke is ever-so-diligent at making sure Wes has his when it falls from the crib. Wes just kind of sucks and chews on his for a minute, and doesn't depend on it nearly as much. But the bottle! Oh, the bottle is a different story.

NUK USA reached out to us about reviewing their orthodontic bottle and pacifiers, and we were thrilled since it has always been the choice of paci in our house. I was really excited to try out the bottle since milk is an incredibly precious commodity to Wes.

We've been using both the bottle and the pacifiers for over a month now. We already knew we loved the pacifiers, but I truly do like this bottle. It is easy to hold and the nipple was an easy transition from breastfeeding. Wes didn't even particularly like the Medela bottles and was always finicky with them, but he took immediately to the NUK Orthodontic Bottle.  It also has an anti-colic system which lets in less air and helps prevent excess air and gas, resulting in a happier baby! Hooray!

Does your baby love their pacifier or do you need a good bottle? Then it is your lucky day! I teamed up with NUK USA to give away one NUK Orthodontic Bottle, two Design Shield Pacifiers, and two of the regular pacifiers (pictured above). They are all BPA free and are designed to fit with the natural palate of a baby's mouth for proper growth and development. The set will come in either a boy or girl design, depending on the sex of your baby. It would make for the perfect gift for a new baby in your life this holiday season, whether it's your own baby or a new niece, nephew, or friend's baby.

Simply enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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