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Family Photos

Here are my favorite family pictures we had taken a few weeks back for my FIL's 60th birthday bonanza. I am embarrassed to admit this, but this is the first time our family has been professionally photographed! It was so nice to not worry about the camera setting or the angles and just do our thing.

Now, getting all the babies to smile at the same time is another story. Luke had approximately 5,638 tantrums and was stuffed full of Tic-Tacs by the end. (Bribery, people. I whole heartedly believe in it, and am ignoring possible long-term, negative consequences which may pop up in the future as a result of it.) Jamie really is a miracle worker in getting those few precious shots where Luke and Wes were smiling!

Can we talk about the last picture? LOOK AT LUKE'S FACE! He was squeezing onto Papa's leg so tight and had the cheesiest grin on his mug. I think it's hilarious, and it will be one of those fun ones to look back on when he is an adult and be like, "Luke, look how ridiculous and adorable you were when you were little!" I am sure his future girlfriend (he is only allowed to have one, after I approve, of course) will love it and be all, "Awwwww, baby Luke!"

And the first one of Luke and Wes? Slays me! (Insert heart eyes emoji.) I'm blowing that sucker up and plastering it on all of our walls. Luke and Wes wallpaper maybe? Sounds like an excellent decor choice to me.

I love my family! So grateful to be blessed with such darling boys, a stellar husband and wonderful in-laws!

Photos by Jamie Lyn Johnston Photography. You can check out her site here! Image Map

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