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Construction Paper Pumpkins Craft For Kids

We made construction paper pumpkins for this week's tot school craft. Initially, I was striving to hit my overachiever goal by making painted kitty pumpkins with Luke, but life happened. And oftentimes sticking to simple crafts is easier anyway. Why over-complicate things, right?

These construction paper pumpkins are a great autumn or Halloween craft for little and big kids. They only require a handful of items that are most likely on hand at home. Here are the incredibly easy directions...


Orange and green construction paper


1. Fold your orange paper in half, hamburger style. (Is that what they still call it? I am trying to recall my first grade arts and crafts lingo!) Cut it in half, and then cut eight strips on each, for a total of 16 strips. This will make you two pumpkins per one piece of paper.

2. Line the strips up in a symmetrical asterisk shape and staple them together in the middle.

3. Flip up the pieces and staple them together at the top to make a pumpkin shape. It helps to staple about 2-3 strips at a time.

4. Cut a 1x2 inch piece of green paper for the stem and two, 1/4 inch green pieces of paper the entire length of the construction paper for the vines.

5. Wrap the long pieces around a pencil to make curly vines, and then staple the stem and vines to the top of your pumpkin.

I am beginning to think I was a kindergarten teacher in my previous life. That, or it's in my future. Have fun making these construction paper pumpkins with your kids for an easy and fun Halloween craft! 

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At October 12, 2014 at 10:40 AM , Blogger Minnie Louise Douglas said...

wow! if this aint the cutest idea! I love doing art projects with my little ones, thanks for sharing!

At October 14, 2014 at 10:47 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I hope you try it out and love, Louise! Thanks! :)


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