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Finding "Balance" As A Parent

I can't think of a greater way to end this series of mama posts! I would like to introduce you to Anna of In Honor Of Design (whom you probably already know... she's kind of a big deal). Anna is one of my absolute favorite lifestyle bloggers where you can be sure to find amazing mama style inspiration, recipes, DIY tutorials, and all things beautiful in general. Oh, and she has an awesome new branding business for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike, called The Brand Market. Check it all out, you will love it!

After you have a baby, your life naturally shifts and adjusts. You need to reassess every few months to see if every one is doing okay and if anything needs to change. After Max came along, I tried to juggle everything I was doing before he came and still give the best of me to each of my children and my husband. I am sure you can guess how that went. It resulted in a lot tears… from both my kids and I… and a breaking point which forced me to evaluate my full plate and what had to go.

I was working the same hours in my graphic design job which I loved, and was pulling in that extra income we needed. I was starting a new business, running the blog, and attempting to have the house clean and dinner made by 5:30. Every minute of every day was occupied. I didn’t take the time to rest that you should be doing after you have a new baby. Reality called. 

Go go go, work and play, and do it all with a smile. I think in truth we were not meant to be so busy. Our bodies are not designed to handle loads of activity and stress. Sure, we may adapt and adjust and do just fine, but at the end of the day, the majority of us suffer as a result of putting all the BUSY in front of our own needs and our families real needs. 

My husband reminded me that if I was losing my sanity in the process of “balancing it all”, than something was out of order. Our children really just need our love. They need the best of us… not our leftovers after serving everything else on our plate. Even if everything else on that plate are all good things, it can still consume you, and over take those things that are most important. 

I since have parted ways with my graphic design job. Even though I loved the work and the additional income was a security for us, I have to trust it will be for the benefit of my family. I have gotten back into a time of prayer in the morning, and exercise at night. These simple changes have freed my spirit and mind in drastic ways, and as a result, I am a more patient mama and a more present wife. Not perfect… far from it, but hopefully improving each day. 

We all need maintenance every once in a while. A time to take a look at our lives and see what is front and center. I am fighting. Each day I am fighting the temptation to be busy and overfill my day. I am learning to say no, and learning to say yes to needing help more often. I am especially learning to just be. Hold my baby and stare at him as much as possible, have art project time with Veronica uninterrupted (she eats up the attention), ask Gabriel about his train station masterpieces he builds, sitting and listening about my husband's day, etc. etc. Being PRESENT in our loved ones life is the greatest gift we can give them.



At November 13, 2013 at 9:02 PM , Blogger Celeste said...

As a somewhat new mama (almost 7 months!), I absolutely love and appreciate this post. I am still struggling with trying to do it all: keep baby, husband and my spoiled rotten dog happy, house clean, meals cooked, projects completed, blog updated, etc. I feel overwhelmed a large portion of the time, and have to constantly remind myself that all that really matters is keeping my family healthy, happy and loved. Every mama has the same struggle it seems :)

At November 15, 2013 at 5:43 AM , Anonymous Lindsay said...

I don't have children but I can definitely take some good advice from this post. I'm always running around doing things for other people and working. I don't remember what relaxation is and I have no hobbies anymore (because when would I do them??). Thanks for posting this, it was refreshing :)


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