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5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts are something I have always been interested in. Or, perhaps I have always liked the idea of listening to podcasts, but never got around to actually listening to them until recently.

It was all a cosmic, happy accident. I was in major need of some downtime, sick of my music playlists, but still wanting something to feed my soul auditorily. Voilà! Podcasts! I started with Elizabeth Gilbert's "Magic Lessons", because I know Liz's voice, and I trust it. (Eat Pray Love is practically scripture to me, no matter how banal that sounds.) My gut did not let me down and it was everything I was hoping it would be. And thus started my love for podcasts. They educate, inspire, and entertain!

5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

So, without further ado, here are the podcasts I have listened to recently and recommend!

1. Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. This podcast is the juicy overflow from her most recent book, Big Magic (which I have yet to read but it is on my upcoming to-read list). It addresses the path of creativity, and how to find that extra nudge and overcome fears associated with the pursuit of creativity. Also, her voice is calming and sounds like warm honey. So there's that.

2. Radio Headspace: Dallas Clayton and Inspiring Creativity. Clearly there is a theme going here, but I like to think we are all creative by simply being human, and we all need to listen to these stories! Dallas Clayton is a genius. A true modern poet and artist in a world full of Etsy shops and "artists" everywhere. He has a magnetic authenticity that draws people in. His positive outlook on life and the explosion of color with which he creates helps distinguish his work. But there is something electrifying and candid and utterly splendid about his perspective.

3. One Part Podcast by Jessica Murnane.  I found this lovely podcast through a great food blog I read, A Cozy Kitchen, and I was instantly hooked. Jessica talks about relevant topics (to my interests) and has that friendly, girl-next-door vibe. She is a pleasure to listen to and really knows how to engage with her readers and guests alike. Definitely one to bookmark!

4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin. The very first podcast I listened to of Gretchen's was about the "Four Tendencies" and it BLEW my mind! (I am a Questioner/Rebel, for the record—surprise, surprise!) I had Matt take the quiz too, then I spent the next three days analyzing and dissecting what it meant for our personalities and relationship. It was eye-opening to say the least, and helped me to change some of my less-than-desirable habits.

5. Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin. I love Alec Baldwin. Wacky antics and anger issues aside, the man is insanely talented and hilarious. And sharp. I am extremely nosy about people's lives, specifically celebrity figures, and Mr. Baldwin gets the scoop on all the people. I just listened to the one about whether Warhol did in fact like Campbell's soup. Spoiler alert! He did.

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